Writing Wins and Woes: Twice Upon a Time

twice upon a time

I’m very excited to announce That Twice Upon a Time a new book of fairy tale re-tellings is now available on Amazon. Yay! This was to be the week I talked about New Year’s resolutions, but I am postponing that blog to next week so I can gush on Twice Upon a Time. It’s what you expect from someone who has a story in the book, right?

But Twice Upon a Time is more than fairy tale re-tellings, it’s fairy tales with a twist. Many of the stories don’t end happily ever after, which makes this book unique. Not all the fairy tales are from stories you’ve heard about. Some of them are little known tales, like my story taken from The Enchanted Canary. This was a story I hadn’t heard about until I researched it for Twice Upon a Time. So, if you’re in the mood for a fairy tale gone wrong, a new take on an old classic, or a brand-new spin on a little known tale, read Twice Upon a Time.

And I want to help you do that. I am giving away one kindle edition of Twice Upon a Time to a lucky blog reader. I’m going to pick a random fairy tale. In the comments of this blog, I want you to pick your favorite fairy tale. If it matches my pick, you win a free kindle copy of the book. No repeats. I am only giving away one book. If the story is listed twice, the first one posted gets the book. I’ll announce the winner next week. When the winner is announced, you’ll need to email me at my paintsplashes email, paintsplashes@comcast.net with your desired email where you want your kindle edition to be sent. That’s it. I’ll have it sent as soon as I get your email.

So, comment away, everybody. Also, if you like the book, let me know. Better yet, write a review in the Amazon listing of the book. Thanks, and happy reading. That’s a real happy ever after.

4 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: Twice Upon a Time”

  1. The Singing Bone always stuck with me. It was my first exposure to the raw Grimm’s tales. And it seemed so out of place from Lang’s and Disney’s versions that I was initially exposed to. It caused me to look further for more of these strange tales…which I still do to this day

  2. Congrats! Melinda already took my favorite, and since there are no repeats allowed, I’ll have to go with my second favorite: Chicken Little.

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