Day 15 of a writer’s blog

Day 15 of a writer's blog

I have to admit that sometimes my life seems a bit upside down.Both my writing and my personal life, but today I hit a milestone. Not that I want to advertise but it is my 50th birthday. I am only sad that I waited til I was 48 to really start gearing up and putting my writing dreams to action, but I believe I’ve come far in two years. Today, I got another piece of good news. Guardian Angel Kids accepted a story of mine! A perfect birthday gift. This is my 26th acceptance!
On more of a depressing note, Monday I received a rejection from untied shoelaces of the mind for a grown-up story. They said it was way too depressing. Also mentioned they didn’t read it all, and it was not long, only 1,619 words and you didn’t read it all? How bad was it? Also, as it was a fantasy type story, aren’t many of those rather depressing?
Okay, I’m done complaining. I’m happy with my one acceptance this week. I also submitted two stories this week, one a nonfiction article for the circus edition of Guardian angel kids, and one story to the First Line. I really liked it and I hope as it is about my fifth or sixth story I’ve submitted there, that this one is accepted. Fingers crossed!
Yes, my life is often upside down and topsy turvy, but I am living my dream, writing for money, even if it’s only small compensation right now.
Thought for the day: Dream big, accept the small things as big things! Now if I can only put all I say into practice next week when more rejections pour in.

Day 14 of a writer’s blog

Well, this has been a very discouraging week.  I got four rejections this week, three were in one day.  I actually figured that would happen because usually when you have a good week with writing, it is followed by a bad one.  When you are at the top of the mountain, there is nowhere to go but down.  Anyway, two of my rejections were from the same place, Encounter.  They let me know they would not be using my story.  The third one was from Beyond Centauri.  He just said he would pass and my last rejection was from Room Magazine, who let me know they get 1200 submissions and mine wasn’t one they accepted. 

      Although it is discouraging, I haven’t let it defeat me.  I submitted three things this week.  I submitted a story to Calvinist Cadets, another to Sparkle and one to Shine Brightly. 

    Despite setbacks, I’m enjoying all my experiences with writing, and hopefully, these will help  me grow to be a better writer.  My thought for the day is: Keep pushing forward.  Backward thinking is not productive.

Day 13 of a writer’s blog

Day 13 of a writer's blog

They are calling for snow tonite in PA and even though I am no fan of winter, I thought I’d post a wintry picture. This has been a great week. I got an acceptance on Monday from Knowonder! This was my second acceptance in two weeks, a definite record for me.
I received no rejections, and I submitted to two places, Ruminate and the Photo Flare Contest. I wrote one and a half stories, so I’m feeling good.
I worked on lengthening and shortening two stories that I am sending out next week.
For any that might read my blog: One Teen Story is now open for submissions and there is news at Guardian Angel Kids. Donna McDine is stepping down as fiction editor and Mary Sue Roberts is taking her place. I hope Mary Sue likes my stuff as much as Donna has. It was a real pleasure writing things for Guardian Angel Kids. I hope to continue doing so.
Thought for the day: Write what you love. It’s easy to get bogged down trying to make money. Writing what I enjoy makes the reading more enjoyable for others, I think.

Day 12 of a writer’s blog

Day 12 of a writer's blog

Some days I really feel like sleeping on the job. Unfortunately, when you’re a writer, you can do that. Just not write and get in the doldrums. It is very hard to self-motivate and keep on writing. This week, although I have written, it was only half a story, and I’m really hoping to finish it. I had it in my head for a while.
Anyway, some news! On monday, I got an acceptance. Yay! My acceptance was from Metrofiction. Again, I have to thank Melinda Moore of the Enchanted spark for pointing this site out to me. I sent them a story and barring some edits it was accepted. When it posts, I will link my blog to it. Unfortunately, I got a rejection also this week, for a snowman story I wrote for Happy Gnome publishing. He said he liked the dialogue but he was looking for more direct fantasy.
I sent in three things this week; one to Kids’Ark for their quietness theme, a poem to Fiction and Verse, and a story I had previously written to Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.
My thought for the day is: Write something every day, even if it is just a blog entry.