A writer’s blog

A writer's blog

With writing, you have to keep your eye on the prize. What is the prize? Is it publication? Is it keeping on track with daily writing? Is it the pride and satisfaction of finishing a story you’re pleased with? Is it the money you get from a piece’s acceptance? Or is the euphoria you feel when seeing that published work either on-line or in print? Well, the prize is all of these and more.
This week I had to put personal concerns aside, because it was a week that had its traumas, and just write. I had quite a few downers this week. Only one was with writing. That’s the only one I will include. I submitted a story to Aurora Wolf and got it rejected the very next day; fastest rejection ever for me. For those who think writing is a big ego trip, you should try it some time.
So, I had two rejections this week, one from Aurora Wolf and one from Strange Horizons. I submitted to Aurora Wolf, Aletheia Mag and Spellbound.
I want to recommend a fun literary read this week. I recently read Flush by Virginia Woolf. It is a dog’s eye view of life with Robert and Elizabeth Barett Browning. It is light and funny. I enjoyed it.
Thought for the Day: Keep your focus strong and steady. Life is too short for pity parties and distractions. Enjoy your day!

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

What do painters do? They paint. What do writers do? They write. We write when we’re sad, when we’re happy, when we’re confused and sometimes even when we’re sick. I’ve had a sick week. Well, it’s nothing earth shattering, just a cold, but I still felt miserable. Yet, sometimes misery spills over to creativity. So I woke up in the middle of the night, one of three nights this week I did that, and thought of a story idea. I wrote it and submitted it. That’s what writers do. They write.

I’ve had two rejections this week. One from Ruminate and one from OneTeen Story. It’s fun to get rejections from One Teen Story because they always tell you they enjoyed your story. The first time I got one I was impressed with myself, now, not so much.

I submitted to two places this week. The first to Daily Science Fiction with my sick story. We’ll see if I write better sick than well. The story is not about me being sick or sickness, by the way. It’s just a flash story that came to mind in the middle of the night when I was wondering how can I stop all these thoughts and get back to sleep.

The second story I submitted was a non-fiction article for Guardian Angel Kids about ice cream. It is for July, which is national ice cream month or something like that. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I found through researching that article that no online source agrees on the state that consumes the most ice cream. I got anywhere from Alaska, which makes no sense, to Texas to California. Washington, D.C. is supposed to be the city that eats the most ice cream. After spending our vacation there one week in Summer a few years ago with temperatures in the 90’s, I can honestly say I can see why that is.

Thought for the Day: Just like a painter paints from inspiration, write what inspires you. My husband painted this. It is from a three part painting he did, I believe called a tryptic, of heaven, hell and inbetween, this one, Jesus as king.

A Writer’s blog

A Writer's blog

In honor of my love for trees and in appreciation of the fact that two of my tree stories were published as well as one of my tree articles for Guardian Angel Kids, I thought I’d post a tree painting that my husband did a while ago.
This has been an eventful week. I got an article accepted and published in Guardian Angel Kids ezine, called, “There’s a dog in the library”. I posted a link in my last blog in case anyone is interested in reading it. I also had a story rejected for Flash Fiction Online. I believe this was my third try for this particular story, and some optimistic news is that my runner-up story for the Enchanted Spark contest has now reached stage 3 in Untied Shoelaces of the Mind. I’ll keep you posted! I’m excited it went this far even if it is not published.
I submitted a story and two poems this week: the story to Strange Horizons (a long shot) and two poems to Wisdom Crieth Without (a bit of a long shot as well).
I thought I’d plug one of my favorite writers today, C S Lewis. I loved all of the Narnia books and am presently reading some of his biographical and works on the Bible, Surprised by Joy is very insightful and gives a unique view into why he went from being an athiest to a believer in God. I love to read author’s biographies. If you, the reader of this blog, have read any you liked, let me know. My absolute favorite that inspired me to publish was Sylvia Plath’s journals. It was from her that I learned that you need to submit hundreds of times to publish. She being dead still speaks.
Anyway, thought for the day: Don’t overthink while writing, particularly in rough draft stages. Let thoughts flow. I’ve been getting bogged down lately by a story I’m working on and need to practice that.

writer’s blog

writer's blog

Spring is in the air, finally! Spring is a time of rebirth. Hopefully, that will be the case for me and all writers viewing this blog.
I am still reeling from the excitement of last week, being accepted for the March Photo Flare Contest. Unfortunately, I did not have quite the winning week this week. I received two rejections: one from Fiction and Verse for a poem I submitted on the subject of ghosts, in the form of a narrative, sort of. Actually, because I didn’t read the guidelines very thoroughly Fiction and Verse doesn’t accept narrative poetry, so…maybe I’ll have some luck with it elsewhere. My second rejection was from Electric Spec for a short story I have submitted three times so far. We’ll see about the fourth. I did get one little ray of hope. The story I got runner-up for in Melinda’s contest has moved on to Stage 2 at Untied Shoelaces of the Mind. Wish me luck! I didn’t know there was a stage 2 and I don’t know what that means exactly, but it sounds promising.
I submitted two stories this week: One to Highlights. I have tried repeatedly to get a story published there. Of course, it is very, very difficult, but I’m not giving up. I also submitted a story to Contrary. I tried there before with a different story that was rejected. So, we’ll see.
I wanted to plug a book I have plugged on the Enchanted Spark blog. It is called One Year to a Writing Life by Susan M. Tiberghien. This book is 12 lessons, so you ideally do one a month. I really found it helpful and actually published a story after going through one of the chapters. It deals with writing essay, short stories, travelogues, etc. a little bit of everything. Each chapter has practice points, so it is very practical. Anyway, I think it’s a good writing book.
Thought for the day: Switch up your writing. Try literary fiction if you usually do speculative. Try writing a poem or article or even a review on Amazon. I did that this week for a book by Kia Garriques, titled Innovera Yakov: The Journey of a Thousand Eyes. This is a YA book but I recommend it. Have a great writing day!