Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer’s Blog

Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer's Blog

Merry Christmas, writers everywhere. Hope yours was happy. Due to a busy day tomorrow, I thought I’d publish my blog today. Also, due to a busy week, I’ve done no writing or submitting. I allow myself those kinds of weeks once in awhile, but next week I’ll do better.

So, I thought I’d do my year’s writing statistics:

Without further ado:

Submissions for 2013: 120

Acceptances: 17

Rejections: 82

In the Que (watiting): 14

Nonresponses: 7

Thought for the day: Make goals for yourself in writing and follow through. My goal has been two submissions a week. Next year, I hope to make some actual writing goals, like so many words a week. We’ll see.

Remember: Writing contest coming up second week in January. Prizes: $10 and $5 paypal money based on my husband’s painting and flash fiction. Keep the ideas coming in for a title! I actually haven’t got any yet.

Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer’s Blog

Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer's Blog

As you can see, I’ve sort of re-named my blog. I thought since I had a new look, why not a new name and in my bio at the story you will be linked to in a moment I used this phrase to describe my blog. I’m so excited to be able to share with you my new story at Youth Imagination inspired by The Hunger Games. I hope you read and enjoy it. It is one of my longest short stories. Please don’t let that discourage you. Only 5000 words. It’s not a novella or anything.

I am also excited about my upcoming contest, starting the second week of January. However, I need a title of some kind for my contest. Any suggestions? It will be flash, so you could put that in the title if you wish. It will also be based on my husband’s painting. So you could add something about that. I don’t know. Just use your imagination. The prize will be $10 paypal money and $5 paypal for the runner up.

I had one rejection this week, from Daily Science Fiction. Holly, maybe you should share with me the secret to your success there. I’ve submitted probably 5 or 6 times there, and no successes. I submitted two stories to Guide magazine. That is a print magazine for children and they only accept true stories.

Thought for the Day: Don’t monkey around with your talents. Use them. That’s awful, I know. I’ll think of a better one next week.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Somewhere over the rainbow is a writer’s dream. Over the Rainbow is this magical place where you have a book published, you’re at a book signing, or you’re doing a tour as a famous author. You believe that over the rainbow is a place where wishes come true. Then, reality sinks in. You don’t get your writer’s dreams fulfilled by wishing. Instead, it takes hard work, ingenuity and ambition. Often times, you’re not ready for the long haul of work, work, work.You didn’t know you’d have to Persevere through defeat and writer’s block. But if you have that magazine in your hand with your name in the byline, or better still, that book, it makes up for all the hard work you’ve toiled through. To be truthful, those moments are rare. As I look over my 300 rejections and see my 42 acceptances, sometimes the journey still to come seems insurmountable. My motto: Keep moving forward.

This week in review: Ahh, how I love torture. There can be no other reason why I would submit again to Untied Shoelaces of the Mind. They don’t mind stomping on fragile writer feelings. I submitted to them recently and received a rejection on the first round. The reason: I don’t like the names of your characters. There’s just no way. And I thought they were pretty cool. That was my rejection for the week. I had no acceptances. I only submitted to one place; due to laziness, snowstorm where my husband was home all day, a job interview and a dinner date with a friend. I submitted to Guardian Angel kids.

This is a photo my husband took of a rainbow outside our house. I liked it because I recently wrote a rainbow story.

Contest reminder: Don’t forget I’m planning a writing contest the second week of January, about a month from now. It will be based on one of my husband’s paintings, it will be a flash contest and the winner will receive $10 paypal money and the runner-up will receive $5 paypal money. If you are thinking about entering, please comment. I’d like to think I’ll have a few entries. If you know people who write, tell them to keep posted with my blog for the details.

Thought for the day: You guessed it. Keep moving forward. Being idle is a step backwards.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

As promised, I am doing a brief review on Peter Guralnick’s book, The Unmaking of Elvis Presley Careless Love.
What I liked about this book: It brought you up close and personal with Elvis. There is a ton of detail about his life, his recording sessions, his marriage, the women in his life, those he worked with, and of course, his unmaking which was the drug use everybody has heard about.
What I didn’t like: This book was about 650 pages so it is long. It has almost too much detail about contracts and recording sessions, and it gets tedious in places.
What I learned: Elvis was a lonely, lost man who found himself with few friends at the end of his life. He also spent much of his life wondering what his purpose was for being here. He wanted it to be about more than entertaining, but in the end, I believe that mostly that’s what it was about.
This book made me want to read the prequel, which I plan to, Last Train to Memphis. Also I had to watch some of his early and later concerts on Youtube. If you do the same, it will make you sad. Even hearing some of his later concert selections in 1977 are heart breaking; slurred speech, speedy delivery, a feeling of apathy toward the music he loved. In the early days, say 1970 and before, he seemed to transcend into a deeper plane when he sang.
Anyway, despite the length, I do recommend it, esp. if you’re an Elvis fan like me. Why am I an Elvis fan? Well, I suppose partly becuz my parents were Elvis fans. But mostly, because I have been obsessed with Elvis and his music since childhood. My mother actually wrote me letters from Elvis when I was a little girl because I didn’t have a dad in my life at the time and I believed at the time that they came from Elvis. He became a surrogate dad to me. I know, corny and naive. I debated even sharing it. But it actually helped me get through a lot of childhood trauma.
Okay, on to writer stuff. I received one rejection this week from Up, Do. I hate to say it but it was a very unhelpful rejection. They said my story should have less explanation and more action. I hate these kind of comments becuz I don’t know how to apply them. Probably wouldn’t want to anyway. The story was more psychological, than action.
I submitted to two places, The amazing Photo Flare Contest and Daily Science Fiction. I forgot to mention that I submitted to two places last week as well.Spellbound and Untied Shoelaces of the Mind. I get daily science fiction’s stories every day. You can too by clicking on my link. They’re usually short and thought provoking.
Speaking of thought:

Thought for the Day: A writer is a reader. Don’t neglect reading to learn how other great writers achieve their mastery. Learn from them and then add your own flair to what you learn.
Note about Contest: I will be having a writing contest. It will be flash fiction, which means 1000 words or less. It will be any genre. The winner will receive $10 via paypal. runner-up will receive $5 via paypal. It will begin about the second week of January and will run to the end of March, at which time I will announce winner, send money and post the two stories on my blog. I will post a painting by my husband of my choosing. You write a story that the painting inspires you to write. I will be excited to see what people come up with. Hope I get some entries. Comment if this sounds interesting or if you have questions. Nothing is set in stone yet.