A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

I’m pleased and proud to share this link to my prize winning story, “Ashes to Ashes” that is posted on Enchanted Conversation. It is a modern fairy tale story with a twist and I hope you like it.

I’ve had three rejections this week, two from Kids’Ark, one I received on Thanksgiving Day. You know what? I’m thankful for rejections, because they make me a stronger writer. I no longer get devastated when I get one, at least not as often. I also got a rejection from Strange Horizons. I keep trying.

I am hoping to soon post a book review. I am presently reading a 600 plus page book about a personal idol of mine, Elvis Presley. I know, I know very corny, but the book is fascinating.
This picture is one of my husband’s paintings. I thought it seemed very fairy tale and Cinderella like so I posted it to celebrate my story.

Thought for the Day: Use interests and research as a springboard to write a fantastic story. If it doesn’t get published, keep trying. I am currently working on improving some stories I wrote on The Children’s Blizzard.

Please if you read my blog, comment. I’d like to know that somebody is out there, and I’m still waiting for more feedback on my upcoming contest, beginning in January, based on one of my husband’s paintings. Let me know what you think. Should it be flash stories or longer? The prize will be small, sorry. $10 pay pal money for the winner and $5 for the runner up. Tell your writing friends to read my blog and let me know what you think. Thanks.

A writer’s Blog

A writer's Blog

Change is good, right? You may have noticed a change in my blog. That’s because it needed a change. I now display my links much more prominently to the right side, along with the following button. I have a lot of good links listed and I will add more as I go along. I’ve also drifted away from the dark color. It’s an optimistic blog, so I want to keep the colors light.

Now, for the news…Drum roll, please…I’ve had two acceptances this week. One was for the Enchanted Conversation monthly contest. My story should be featured there by the time the month is out. Also, I’ve had an acceptance at YouthImagination for a story there that will be posted hopefully the beginning of December. Yay me! I also had one rejection from The Story Quest Contest, where I got into the second round. They had 114 entries. 29 made it into the second round but as per usual in that contest, I could not progress to the finalists list. I’m so excited about the other two acceptances, though, it failed to even give me a sad thought. Well, maybe one.

I submitted to two places this week: Spark and On the Premises.

I hope every one is writing who reads this blog. What inspires you? I get inspired by art, tv shows, books I’ve read and even weird names of people or funny little anecdotes.

I have something brewing in my head for next year, because I need more traffic on my blog. I will pose the question to you, readers, how about a contest where I post one of my husband’s paintings and you send me your stories? It will be a once and done thing for now. First prize will be $10 Runner up will be $5 paid through paypal. I’m going to have my husband and daughter choose the finalists. I only choose between the winner and the runner-up. What do you say? Good idea? I need feed back here and more traffic and more comments. I would begin in January and end in February or March.

Thought for the Day: Be inspired today by something, anything and write.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

As a writer I find myself always waiting. Waiting to hear from a publisher. Waiting for just the right story to inspire me. Waiting for publication of an accepted story. Yay! That’s a good waiting and of course, most of the time waiting for rejections. What does that have to do with my picture? This is a picture of our former dog waiting for us to come home.

Well, I wanted to get this blog going before Saturday. Due to an unexpected 12 hour work day I was not able to blog sooner. One of the things I’m waiting for at the moment is the results of a contest I entered which was supposed to post the final winners about this date, but so far, I haven’t heard. I’ll let you know when I do.

I forgot to include submissions and rejections last week so I’ll post them this week. Last week, I received a rejection from Timeless Tales. This week I received one from Space Squid. I submitted to two places last week: Tanglewood Press and Strange Horizon and this week I submitted to three places: Youth’Magination, Suddenly Lost in Words and Guardian Angel kids.

Thought for the Day: When you are in a waiting mode, stay positive and keep writing. Also keep submitting. I find it easier to accept rejections because I always have something else out there so that keeps me hopeful.

A writer’s Blog

A writer's Blog

I wish as a writer that I had the personality of a cat. By that I mean composed, indifferent even a bit self-assured. By that I mean when I’m facing rejections. I wish I didn’t want to crumble every time like “I” am being measured and found wanting. I looked through some of my stories this week and I began to think that maybe even I didn’t like them.

Have you ever felt that way as a writer?

I have days where I think I’m improving and others where I wonder if I’m making any progress at all toward my goal of actually being an author, whatever that means.
Anyway, to be a little more personal, I’d like to share my first publishing story. Every writer has one. Here’s mine.
If I was to say I was inspired to write by a suicide, it would sound not only a little weird but also disturbing. The suicide I’m referring to, however, was not someone I knew. In fact, she died the year I was born. It was the famous, or some would say infamous, author and poet, Sylvia Plath; writer of The Bell jar, The Colossus, and Ariel. She would later commit suicide. These works mentioned, though, did not inspire me to write.
My writing adventure started when I was a child but didn’t branch into an attempt at publishing until my early twenties. I submitted short stories a total of three times, got three rejections and quit; already feeling defeated.
Flash forward twenty years. I saw the movie, Sylvia, and became enamored by Sylvia Plath. I bought and read The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath. After reading this lengthy work, I realized Sylvia had submitted thousands of pieces and received hundreds of rejections, while I had only tried three times.
I was determined to begin again. The road to success, I’m finding, is persistence. I submitted online to a Christian children’s magazine called “The Kids’ Ark”. The story was titled, “Snow Treasures”. I had submitted to them previously and was rejected so I had little hope for this one.
Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call one afternoon in early April from the publisher.
She said, “I read your story and loved it. We’re going to publish it in The Kids’ Ark magazine.”
I was astonished beyond words. I remember getting off the phone and rushing out the door. I had a cleaning job to go to.
I kept saying all the way, “I’m a published author!”
When I got to the home of the lady I cleaned for, I was so excited I knocked a picture off her wall. Luckily, no harm was done.
I received fifteen copies of the magazine my story was in, and a $100 check. I was able to publish again in The Kids’ Ark about six months later and to date; those two publications are the most I have been able to earn from single stories, although I have been published over thirty times now. Other stories have earned me anywhere from $5 to $50.
The day I received those magazines in the mail and my check, I believe, was one of the happiest days of my life. There is absolutely no thrill that compares with opening up a glossy magazine and turning to a story that is written by you, complete with a beautiful illustration by an artist, who was hired to draw a picture just for your story. That along with the joy of giving copies of the story to my friends and family was truly awesome. It was worth the rejections I had received in the past.
What I learned from this is that it takes a lot of rejections to make successful writing. At this time I have sent over 250 stories, and have received only 33 acceptances, but those 33 have given me an enormous sense of satisfaction.
I’m very glad I read Sylvia Plath’s journal. Her tragic life may have led her to suicide, but it led me to a life full of writing adventure.

I originally wrote this for a now defunct publication that shares first publishing stories. Like many of my writings, it never got published, so I’m publishing it myself. For Free. I’m now up to 39 publications. I’m thankful for every one of them no matter how small the reward was in publishing them.
Here are the stats of my publications for those interested.
Kids’ Ark- 2 stories
Stories for children magazine-2 stories
Shine brightly-2 stories
Bread for God’s Children- 1 story
Sparkle- 1 story
Kids’ magination-4 stories
Spaceports and Spider silk-2 stories
Guide- 1 story
Knowonder-3 stories
Photo Flare-1 story
Metromoms-1 story
Penn Cove Literary arts-1 story
Alternate Hilarities-1 forthcoming
Guardian angel Kids-17 stories or articles and 1 poem

How many times do you think I’ve submitted things? 330 times. So, what’s your writing story? How many acceptances? How many times have you submitted your work?

Thought for the Day: Every story submitted is a success story because you tried.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Magic transcends imagination. It suspends belief. We don’t understand it, and that’s why we love it. There is the magic that a magician uses–sleight of hand, or the magic of fairies, witches and such–the kind fairy tales are made of. Whatever kind of magic you like, you’ll find it in this issue of Guardian Angel Kids. I have a story in it called “A Fairy’s Flight to Firefly Freedom.” Here is the link: http://www.guardian-angel-kids.com/ Enjoy the magic.

Aside from this magical story, my week lacked sparkle. I had four rejections: one from Grim Corps, one from Colored Lens and the Photo Flare Contest, along with my supreme disappointment: the rejection of my picture book from Knowonder! I told some of my writing friends that this was a week I wanted to burn all my hand written writing and my notebook full of rejections. But I want to keep this positive so I’m going to count my blessings. I now have 39 acceptances, a lot of them being in this fantastic children’s ezine, Guardian Angel Kids. Again, thank you, folks there.

I submitted to two places this week: Guardian Angel Kids and the Colored Lens, where I was quickly rejected in one day. I’m setting all kinds of records for that.

Thought for the Day: When you want to burn up all your files, whether digital or hand-written, don’t. Success may be just ahead.