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A Writer's Blog

I just love the photos of the bridge in our town. We just had a celebration surrounding bridges because a covered bridge spanning the Susquehanna river was purposely burned down during the civil war to halt the progress of the Confederates.

This has been a week of uncertainty. I was hired for a new job but it is only for a substitute worker and I’m not sure how everything will turn out. As usual, just with writing, I feel Like I am always in Limbo,

I received no rejections this week or acceptances. I sent in an article to Guardian Angel Kids, and a story to the Photo Flare Contest.

I wanted to do another book review this week. I just finished John Steinbeck’s In Dubious Battle. It is about striking migrant workers in California apple country. Leading and urging on the strike are two union men, Mac and Jim. Jim is a novice in the whole union-striking arena but he has the energy and enthusiasm of a seasoned professional. This book has plenty of raw grit, violent emotions and complicity that you expect from a Steinbeck novel. It doesn’t end well, as you can expect. For another easier, more pleasant Steinbeck read, try Travels with Charley. My husband and I made this more fun by reading it while traveling. It’s about Steinbeck’s real life travels across country in a travel trailer with his poodle named Charley. It’s great reading.

Thought for the Day: Sometimes a writer needs to sit down and rehash where they’re going with their work. Do this periodically to get some clarity. Maybe a new dimension needs to be added. Sometimes that helps me also to energize my writing. Whatever you do, keep writing.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Life for a writer is not all roses, is it? I wish I could write on this blog that I’ve sent out two items and had two acceptances every time. But that’s not life, is it? It is moments of joy coupled with moments of pain.

That said. I sent out two items this week, and I’ve had two rejections. One was from Ardor and one was from Electric Spec. I sent out to Buzzy Mag and The First Line.

I thought I’d do a little book review today of one of the books from a favorite author. Pearl S buck. If you’ve never read anything by her, I urge you to read away. I haven’t read anything I haven’t liked. The book I recently read was titled, Kinfolk. Pearl S Buck was a missionary in China and she writes mainly about old time China. This story is actually from the 1940’s and begins in America and then turns to China. It is about the Liang family, whose oldest son, a doctor, decides he wants to serve his people in China. When his siblings are forced to join him because of a family scandal, they end up moving to their ancestral village where the story enfolds. What I like best about Kinfolk is the rich descriptions of Chinese culture that is embedded in all the author’s narratives, the most famous being The Good Earth. My personal favorite is Pavilion of Women.

My thought for the day is : Don’t be afraid to leap into your next phase of writing, whether it is writing a novel, or sending it out, promoting a book, or exploring a new interest. Go have an adventure.

A writer’s blog

A writer's blog

Each publication in a writer’s life is a bridge to bigger and bigger things. We hope. What we have to come to realize is that rejections are also bridges. They are part of the learning process where we can progress to the other side. We don’t learn unless we fail. All that is a build-up to make me feel better after being rejected this week by Spellbound. This is about my 4th time trying to get published there without success. This time I was told that my ending did not give the reader satisfaction.

I had one rejection this week. I submitted to two places: The first line and Buzzy Mag.

Thought for the day: See each rejection or acceptance as a step forward, not backwards.

A writer’s fun time waster

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” title=”A writer’s fun time waster”>A writer’s fun time waster

This is a just for fun edition to my blog. I call it a fun time-waster because it’s just one of those quirky little sites that mean absolutely nothing but make you feel good. I was kind of down today. I got turned down over the weekend by a place I’ve been trying and trying to get into. To me it seems I should be able to since it is a speculative children’s mag and that is my specialty, if you can call it that. So, fellow writers, take a few minutes, find out who you write like and pat yourself on the back. But mostly, just write like you. Someday you may be famous, too.

A writer’s blog

A writer's blog

I thought I’d feature the book with two of my short stories in it on my blog today. I know I am tooting my own horn but the stories of dragons and princesses in this edition are fabulous. They are called read aloud stories because they are great little adventure stories to read to your kids for bedtime or any time. Enough bragging!

So this week has been fun. I received copies of my book in the mail, which is always great and found out I had an article accepted for guardian angel kids, yay! And as usual, I received a few rejections. One was from Spider, and another was from Contrary. They were nice enough to tell me to keep submitting. Also, I wasn’t selected by Penn Cove literary award. Only one person is selected so I call that a rejection as well.

I submitted to three places this week. I submitted two articles to Guardian angel kids and Writing for Dollars and sent a story to Electric spec.

Thought for the Day: Block out distractions while writing. There are always distractions in every shape and form. Do your best to write through them.