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A Writer's Blog

Bring on those lazy, hazy crazy days of Summer! okay, technically it’s not summer. It’s still spring. But it feels like summer here in the Northeast with temps in the 90’s every day and hot, sticky and humid.

However, I have not been lazy. I wrote two stories this week. In fact, I wrote every day except Monday, which was a holiday and a family cook-out day at a beautiful park.

I got one rejection this week. I thought I would squeak by with no bad news but I got this one in the mail today. It was from Highlights for Children. It was a standard rejection letter, checked at not suited for our present needs.

I submitted to Ardor and the Kids’ Ark.

If you are tired of the heat, how about a book about a blizzard? The book is called “The Children’s Blizzard” by David Laskin. I used the book for a few stories I wrote. It is a non-fictional account that reads like a thriller. I kid you not. There are death-defying stories and stories of death relating to a terrible blizzard in 1888 called “The Children’s Blizzard”, hence the title, because many children got caught in it coming home from school. Many children and teachers also were caught in it at school, as well. This book is full of midwest grit and courage. Please read it if you can get a copy of it. I was impressed.

Thought for the Day: When your heart is breaking over rejections, as mine often is, write your heart out. It helps.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Writing can be a little damaging to the ego. I’ve had three rejections this week. One to a publication I submitted to by mail just this week. That one was to Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine. I also had rejections from Allegory and The First Line, I’ll have to confess the last one threw me because I had high hopes for a story I sent to them. I got a very nice rejections letter from Allegory. They said my story was clearly written and had some beautiful description but there wasn’t enough of a twist and the story wasn’t novel enough. I also submitted to On the Premises this week.

I did get some good news this week. Knowonder! is finally getting the stories I had accepted there ready for a July publication in a print and Kindle book. So my stories will be in another printed collection. Yay!

Wishing my readers a very happy holiday weekend. I did finish the second Hunger Games book by the way. I enjoyed the creativity of the way the Games were done in this book, but overall liked the first story much better and wasn’t wowed by the ending.

Thought for the Day: Keep believing in yourself. For me I also believe in God who inspires me to keep fighting for what I believe in; which in this case is to be a successful writer.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

This week began with Mother’s Day. I have the best mother in the world. She supports me in my dreams and raised me as a single parent for almost all my growing up years. Yet, I have to say that this was one of my worst mother’s days. My morning started out with a rejection from Kids’Ark, for a story that I submitted last August. Why they picked Mother’s Day to reject my “wonderful story” in their words, I’m not sure. Anyway, I’m not angry at them because they were the first publication to publish one of my stories, and I will be forever grateful for that.

Most of my bad day resulted from having to spend the day with one of my husband’s relatives who is a complete, off the wall, nut. Because he invited himself to our Mother’s Day festivities, I also had to subject him on my mother, who has more of a problem with him than I do. Well, none of this has anything to do with writing except for the rejection part. May I say “Happy Mother’s Day” to all writing mothers out there.

I submitted two stories this week, one a revised story I wrote from before and desperately want printed, to Guardian Angel Kids for their aviation issue. The other was the story I wrote last week. I submitted that to Beyond Centauri.

So, I had one rejection this week and a probable rejection from Eric’s Hysterics because I didn’t hear back from them in a week and a half.

I finished reading a book this week, John Steinbeck’s A God Unknown. I found it interesting with some complex characters, but overall depressing. It ended badly, or should I say sadly, but many of his books do so I should have expected it. My daughter has me reading the second Hunger Games book, and so far I like it.

Thought for the Day: Surround yourself with people who encourage you to follow your dreams.

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Lucy 7months 014This has been a week of disappointments. So, I am going to get them out of the way. As I mentioned last time, there is no such thing as a thin-skinned writer. I had three rejections this week. One of them was gut wrenching. I got all the way to Round three in Untied Shoelaces of the Mind, which I guess I thot was pretty much of a shoe-in there, and was ultimately rejected. To add insult to injury, their critique of my work wasn’t very nice. I don’t want to mention names, so I’ll just say “He said, She said”. He said he was iffy from the start on my story. Then he got someone else to read it, and she said, she didn’t half-way crack a smile the whole way through. Ouch! My thin skin is showing again! So that confirmed it for him. Rejection! My second and third rejections of the week came from Aurora Wolf and Daily Science Fiction. I admire my friend, Holly, for being able to get in Daily Science Fiction. I haven’t been able to yet.

I submitted to two places, as usual, this week. One was to Eric’s Hysterics. He said he doesn’t send rejection letters and if he doesn’t reply in a week, consider yourself rejected. At least I’ll be spared that agony there. The second place I submitted to was allegory, with a new story I wrote.

Okay, now let’s get happy. I want to plug a book my daughter encouraged me to read. It is called Origins by Jessica Khoury. I usually don’t read much my daughter reads, and although I love to write speculative stories, I mostly read literature. But it is very fun to dabble in speculative reading sometimes and it can give you great story ideas. This book is no exception. The subject of the book is an immortal girl named Pia. The story is an exciting read. I think I read it in two weeks. I recommend it highly. It’s more of a YA book but is worth reading. Jessica is only 22 and this is her first novel.

Next, I want to recommend a story in Emerald Sky, a wonderful online mag by TM Publishing. I’ll try to include a link but I don’t know if it will work. http://tmpublishing.com/ Read the story, “The Unseen Truths” by Liz Colter. I really liked it. It is about masks.

Anyway, thought for the day. If you like to write, make some writing friends. They will encourage you. My writing friends, Melinda Moore and Holly Jennings have encouraged me a lot. It isn’t true that writers can’t be friends, because they are always competing. A little healthy competition can be nice.

A writer’s blog

651In our church at the small group I attend we sometimes open our time with an ice-breaker question, where we all groan collectively because we usually don’t know how to answer these precarious kinds of questions. One week it was “What kind of animal describes you?” While I don’t remember what animal I chose, I do remember what animal a friend of mine chose. It was a porcupine.

Well, sometimes I feel writing is like that. It’s a little prickly, and uncomfortable. You get rejections and you feel people are backing away from you. You meander up to them, saying “Hi. Look what I have to offer.” Their reply is “We don’t want it. It’s not what we’re looking for.”

I had two of those this week when I was rejected by Prairie Schooner and Wisdom Crieth Without. I had submitted two poems to the second place. Poems are always full of your raw emotions. You really feel they are rejecting a little piece of you when a poem is turned down.

However, I persevere. I did have another article accepted by Guardian Angel Kids. As usual, my writing for children succeeds where my writing for adults suffers.

I submitted to two places again this week. I had an unusually hard time scouting them out this week. One was to Liquid Imagination and the second was to Aurora Wolf again for a story I have tried before to a few other places. Groan!

Thought for the day: Writing is not for those with thin skins. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Sharpen your writing quills, and stick it to them (but in a good way with your best story)