Day 6 of a writer’s Blog

Day 6 of a writer's Blog

I must confess that this has been a very discouraging week for me. I have had four rejections, and no acceptances, no time to write or send in new work and the holidays are almost over so I have no more excuses to get going again. My rejections were:
1. Flash Fiction Onlne: They have unfortunately decided not to publish my story, in their words.
2. My one sentence story was rejected. Although it was liked, they weren’t sure it was best done in a one sentence story format.
3 and 4 were from Guardian Angel Kids a poem and an article; both were rejected.
Sigh! So my thought for the day is to keep plodding on even when the odds are against you.

On happier notes, the new puppy is doing well, actually going “outside” more than inside, which is great for only having her two weeks. Since, I’m having more success with her than with my writing, I’m wondering if I need to start a puppy owner’s blog, esp. since nobody but me seems to read this. Ta Ta for now!

day 5 of a writer’s blog

  • Today is December 19th and I need to add that my days of a writer’s blog, of course, are not actual days.  They are whenever I write.  I needed to add another rejection to my list for the week from Red Bridge Press for an anthology I submitted to, which story apparently was not right for the anthology.  That is another line often said to writers in rejections, along with I’ll have to pass, and we liked it but…anyway, another failed older audience story.  Sigh!   What sparked my interest in blogging was reading other blogs by writers which encouraged me, notable enchanted spark’s blog, which I really enjoy.  Also, I went back on my word and did submit one thing this week.  I couldn’t pass up a submission to a sentence story anthology.  After all, it is short, 350 words or less, it is different, and it is a challenge.  Actually, I just rewrote something I had written into one sentence.  I had to rework it several times.  Hopefully, the new year will bring success to all writers out there.  My thought for the day is : Don’t beat yourself up over your rejections, make that your Christmas gift to yourself.

Day 4 of a writer’s blog

Day 4 of a writer's blog

Today is Dec. 17th and my life is a little more complicated since adding a puppy to the mix. Housebreaking and writing, cookie baking and Christmas don’t mesh well together. But I am happy to have a new addition to our family, a puppy named Lucy. She is a two month old corgi and is very sweet. Anyway, for other writing news: I had one rejection so far today, no acceptances. This was from a short-listed story for Shine Brightly. Many of the stories I submit there are shortlisted and not taken so it is not a total surprise. Hopefully, the next one will be better news. I’m keeping this short because really I am not writing much right now. I hope to get back in the swing of things by the new year. My thought for the day is: Write for the love of it and not for publication. It is too disappointing when your whole goal is publication alone.

Day 3 of a writer’s blog

Day 3 of a writer's blog

Today is December 14th and although I’ve blogged every day since I’ve started two days ago, I won’t be doing that in the future. I just wanted to add some weekly notes. First of all, I sent out four submissions this week instead of two. I did this because these are my final submissions for the year as I am breaking until January because of Christmas and because I am planning on getting a puppy tomorrow. Yay! Two of my submissions were to Guardian Angel Kids(one was a poem and one a fictional story) and the third was to Flashfiction online and the last one was to Tales of Old. I hope to have some encouraging news eventually at least from one of them. I will keep posting. I am very excited to be getting a puppy which is our one and only Christmas present this year to each other in our family. We recently lost our border collie ( four months ago) and have been looking into getting a new puppy since then. So, maybe next time I’ll post a picture of her, although that has nothing to do with writing. So my thought for the day is: Keep the imagination going, and keep writing!

Day 2 of a writer’s blog

Day 2 of a writer's blog

This is only my second day of posting and I have all ready received news. I have had one rejection and one acceptance. The rejection was from Shimmer magazine and the acceptance was from Guide, a children’s christian magazine. Again, I have met defeat at my play for an older audience, Shimmer. I’ll keep trying. I still have 17 submissions out there waiting to be heard from. My thought for the day is : Keep looking up– His power is greater than mine!

Day one of my writer’s blog

I can’t believe that I am calling myself a novice writer because I just counted all my submissions since I began this journey in the beginning of 2011 and I have submitted to 192 places, in order to get 21 acceptances.  I am tired just thinking of it.  Of course, I haven’t written 192 items, but I am pretty sure I’ve written approximately 100 stories, articles and poems.  I’d say 3/4 of these were for children.  I’m working on getting a publishing credit for an older audience but sadly, have yet to achieve it.  So, to begin my blog in honesty as I want to, I had two very disappointing rejections this past week(meaning last 7 days)  One from the kids’ark from a story that was short listed and called “wonderful” and one from TM publishing that I rewrote on their invitation,  Sigh!  I currently have 23 stories out right now waiting for replies from publishers.  I will let you know either way how these come out.  Oh!  Most importantly, my goal since I started was to submitt 2 things(stories, poems or articles) every week.  I give myself a break on my birthday week and certain vacation weeks like Christmas or Easter.  But mostly, I have kept to that goal, hence the 192 submissions.  Well, I think this is enough for my first blog.  Hopefully, some other writers may take heart from this as I take heart from other blogs I have read.  There are more failures than successes.  The key is to never give up.