Winning story for March Photo Flare Contest

Winning story for March Photo Flare Contest

I want to express my appreciation to Melinda and Julie  of Enchanted Spark for choosing my story for the March Photo Flare Contest. I am truly honored. It was a great experience and a lot of fun.  Once again, I am eating my words about the discouragements of writing. There are so many rewards. I look forward to my ongoing journey, and wish all the best for all writers out there. 

A writer’s blog

A writer's blog

Sometimes we have to look for the positives. It was hard to find them these last two weeks. I got no acceptances and no rejections. One market I consistently submit to has become unresponsive, and Knowonder! has told me in a rather generally sent email that they are no longer planning print collections at this time. They will publish accepted pieces at some time this year, but not sure when. This really discouraged me because I had two stories accepted for their next collection. Oh well. Things are out of my hands. Wait and see is a common complaint for writers.
On the other hand, this is Good Friday. It is a beautiful day. The weather is finally beginning to turn. At least it is close to fifty degrees now and not 30 and snowy. Spring is slowly eeking in.
I submitted two stories this week, one to Leading Edge Magazine, my dragon story, and one to Vestal Review. I had to cut this story significantly to fit the requirements of 500 words. I worked some more on my current story patterned loosely after Hunger Games and plan to do some revising yet on my children’s work. I will keep pressing on.
Thought for the day: Don’t curb the enthusiasm and don’t let editors get you down. I’m going to try following my advice.

a writer’s blog

Well, this has been a pretty uneventful week.  Despite waiting on pins and needles, I didn’t get one acceptance or rejection this week.  I did, however, finally come up with a new story idea and started working on that.  I have 1300 words on it so far and it seems like a good one. I have it mapped out, just not quite sure about the ending yet.

So, I sent in two stories this week. One I sent to Electricspec. And I finally found a place that takes humorous stories that are more than 1000 words. it was hard to find a place that specifically had a humor category.  Well, this is where I sent my runner-up story to from the Photo Flare Contest.  Hopefully, I’ll hear from them soon.  I’m taking a chance sending to them as they defintely didn’t like my last story. Anyway, I sent it to Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.
Nothing left to say but my thought for the day: Keep working on old projects. I started working this week on a book I’ve been working on for two years. I finally decided it was time to start revising and look into submitting it somewhere.

my writer’s blog with acceptance news!

my writer's blog with acceptance news!

It is getting to the point where I no longer remember what day I am on in this blog, so I am officially dropping the days. This week is one of those weeks where someone says to you, “I have some good news and some bad news…” Well, lets be positive and deliver the good news first. I had a story accepted by Knowonder! Yay! This is my second story accepted for the princess and dragon issue. This particular story had no dragon in it, just a princess. I had to edit it a bit, but after the edits they officially accepted it. However, the bad news is I also had a rejection from Daily Science Fiction on a story I really liked. Just to say sort of “In your face…” ha ha I sent it immediately out again to Flash Fiction Online. It made me feel good. I also submitted three other stories, one to Guardian Angel Kids for the confidence theme, a story about my little puppy (pictured) and two this time for the Photo Flare Contest. Yes, I am trying again, Melinda. So to sum up, one acceptance, one rejection this week. Not bad.
My story is to be published on MetroMoms this Sunday. Yay also! I will post a link to it on facebook, maybe on here if I figure out how to do it properly. I had to go through two edits of that story.
My thought for the day: When rejected, send the story out somewhere else. I often try to edit and make it better first. But either way, send it again. You never know.

Day 18 of a Writer’s blog

Day 18 of a Writer's blog

Although I usually write only once a week, unless there are links to my stories, of course, I wanted to share today because I like to mark moments of success. Most bloggers do. Today I received in the mail my book. Well, it’s not my book. It’s a book of children’s stories, and my story is one of them. Yes, it’s an anthology, and yes, they don’t make me any money, but I’m still happy. I got paid for the story in it, and it is the first book ever with my name in print. Up to this point, I’ve only had magazines with my name in it.
Someday I hope to have a real book published with only my story in it, but for now I’ll be happy with this moment.
So my thought for the day is: Be thankful for every success, small or great.
By the way, the picture posted is my husband’s work again.

Day 17 of a writer’s blog

Day 17 of a writer's blog

This is one of my husband’s favorite paintings. He was inspired by fireflies in our local graveyard while walking our then newborn child, who is now 16. Wow!
Being a writer and living with an artist means a messy lifestyle. Nothing really gets too much cleaning or organizing. Artists have no time for those things. They get in the way of creative juices.
Anyway, I digress. This has been a rather uneventful week. Yes, I wrote a story. Yes, I submitted two stories, one to Knowonder! and one to Oneteenstory. But I also received no news of rejections or acceptances. Oh well! No news means no heart breaking rejection news, right?
So my thought for the day is “Wait patiently and use the time you would have spent whining over a rejection to write. Hope it’s a good one for the rest of you writers. If any of you would care to read this blog.

sharing links hopefully

this is my second attempt at sharing links.  I trashed the first (hopefully)  One is to my new story at Guardian Angel kids and one is to Herman’s Horrible Day which is a book from Knowonder! you can buy on Amazon for six bucks, with a story of mine in it, the last one in the book.

Herman’s Horrible Day: a collection of 31 read-aloud stories for kids (knowonder! stories) (Volume 4
This collection includes stories about riddle-crazed merchants & toilet paper telescopes, hippos with frogs in their throats & teachers with frogs in their pants, mystery-solving detectives & daring hero monsters. There are fairies & swamp monsters, aliens and reindeer… a little something

Day 16 of a writer’s blog

Day 16 of a writer's blog

This pic reminds me of a writer’s life. An amusement park is full of excitement, up and down roller coaster rides and kind of crazy. So this week I had three rejections; okay one was not an actual rejection. It was a non-win of a contest I submitted to: Photo Flare in which I did make runner-up. Oh why oh why do I beat myself up so much whenever I don’t achieve my goals? Also, I had a rejection from Spellbound for my dragon story. I wonder if I’ll ever make it into that magazine. The other rejection was from Shine Brightly. I also got one shortlisted story each from Sparkle and Shine Brightly, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’ve had plenty stories short-listed that were never published.
A question out there for any writers that might be reading my blog, if that’s not too optimistic, what is the most number of places you’ve sent one story to? Do you simultaneously submit or wait until you’re rejected and then submit? Okay, that is more than one question. I’ve sent a story up to 5 places so far, and revised that story a few times. I’ve sent other stories a few places, too. As a writer, I hate to give up on a story I loved writing. Do any of you feel that way?
So, I submitted to two places this week; one was to Calvinist Cadets, a boys’ Christian magazine and the other was to Daily Science Fiction.
My thought for the day is: Keep stories concise. I struggle with wordiness, myself. I believe there are many more markets out there for flash fiction, and people seem more likely to read shorter stories. I seem to be finding that out.
One more thing, enjoy the ride!