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A Writer's Blog

I’m sure this is shameless advertising but I do love my corgi. It’s been fun finding new places to take her for walks and hikes. We recently went to the new and improved Turkey Hill Trail, which is a Rails to Trails place but found we liked the old Turkey Hill Trail best, the one that climbs way, way up the hill but at the top has such a spectacular view. We went on the trail developing in Marietta, PA which is supposed to link up with our town one of these days. This is a wonderful paved trail that just ends eventually onto a little grassy path that leads right down to the river, where Lucy wades in and gets a drink. I love all the nostalgia of all these walks that will soon end because it will be too cold.

What I don’t love these days is my writing career, which has fizzled out. I submit, submit, submit and receive rejections galore. I received one yesterday that was very nice, offered some suggestions that I’m pretty sure I don’t want to make to alter my story and invited a rewrite. Hate it! I also got a rejection from Highlights which I didn’t understand. It was an article I wrote about a first hand account of an event I helped with, and they said it lacked a bibliography. How can you include a bibliography of an event that you personally participated in? The research was all just me being there and observing, and interviewing. Whatever! I’m baffled. I also got a rejection from Alternate Hilarities and Shine Brightly, making it a whopping 4 rejection week. To counter that I submitted to three places: Another to Alternate Hilarities(making that two submissions to them) and Kids Ark.

Thought for the Day: Put special effort into your first and last lines. The first is what snags the reader’s attention and gets them to read on, and the last is what lingers in their mind, leaving them wanting more, which you can then supply.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

There are so many things I could apply to writing when I comment on this painting by my husband. Like I don’t stand a ghost of a chance of getting published by half the places I submit to. Maybe I should have a ghost writer writing for me, I need a ghostly muse helping me. But really, writing is a bit ghostly. It is frightening to put yourself out there, submitting bits of yourself to others, also my pieces are like spirit things, having lives of their own, yet not living at all. Come to think of it, all writing is ghost writing.

I submitted to three places this week: Guardian Angel kids, Youth Magination and Lakeside Circus. I received two rejections from Daily Science Fiction and 4 Star Stories (sorry to let you down, Melinda) I still have about 18 or 19 things out there, including my book at three places. I’ll let you know how that works out.

Thought for the Day: Disappointment just means something else is waiting around the corner. I had a disappointment this week. Not with writing, more of a lost job opportunity that could have meant more steady employment. I told myself God has something else out there for me that is better. A lot of things are not in our hands. We just have to trust things will work out for the best. So, be brave, fellow writers and readers, something good is coming your way sooner or later.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer’s Blog


Because I’ve recently read yet another book about Sylvia Plath, I’ve decided to dedicate this particular blog to her. Though it seems strange to focus on someone who committed suicide, Sylvia Plath has inspired me to continue on in my writing journey through failure. Whatever her personal demons were, and the fact that she couldn’t ultimately conquer them makes me more determined to stick with my writing and publishing dreams. I’m more and more convinced that success doesn’t just happen, it is hard fought for.

Anyway, the recent book I read about Sylvia Plath is titled, Sylvia and Ted. Product DetailsThis book is interesting because it sheds a bit more light on why Sylvia became so desperate in her life journey. Having only recently discovered that her husband’s mistress was expecting a baby, Sylvia’s hopes of a reunion with her husband were dashed. This book is a bit confusing because it goes back and forth between Sylvia, Ted and Assia. Over all, however, I enjoyed it.

Product DetailsWintering was another book I enjoyed reading. This book portrays Sylvia Plath in quiet desperation. You can feel her driving passion in this book as she wakes in the middle of the night to write poetry. This is something I’ve often done. This is a time she had while her children slept. Life didn’t turn out for Sylvia the way she had hoped. For writers, our dreams are often unfulfilled. Perhaps we should see our lives as more about the game than the final outcome. There has to be a point where we can find our contentment in our day to day writing life; not just in another publication. Our writing must be about something, because it reveals so much of ourselves.

Okay, for the nitty gritty. I submitted two things this week: one to the Photo Flare contest and one to the Penn Cove contest. I was rejected twice, by my last Penn Cove submission, which wasn’t selected, and Buzzy Mag. It’s not about the outcome, it’s about the game.

Thought for the Day: Let failure inspire you. You can’t fail unless you try. It shows you’re trying.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Again, I am posting one of my hubby’s paintings that I enjoy. This woman, complete with pig, seems to make a real fashion statement to me. She is eclectic as most of the most fascinating people are.

This is rather a short post. I submitted two items this week. One to Blank Fiction Magazine (It’s new) and one to Daily Science Fiction. I keep trying.

I also received one acceptance this week, as posted, from Guardian Angel Kids.There are some very kind people there who keep featuring things from me. A big thank you to them, esp. Mary Sue Roberts.

I also received one rejection from Liquid Imagination. It was a personal rejection. Two people commented. One liked the story; one didn’t. One commented on how they liked the ending; the other said the ending needed work. I’m not sure what I can learn from that.

I believe I still have about 18 things out there waiting to be noticed. Hoping for some good news.
I’m writing again! Yay! I wrote a new story and am working on another after a very bad writing month.

Thought for the Day: I saw this on the wall at the place I work and I stole the quote. Never ever ever give up!

My newest article in Guardian Angel Kids

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This is the latest issue of Guardian Angel kids, that has an article I wrote in it, called “Hen Pecked”. This issue is about anti-bullying. It’s very relevant today. I found some examples of bullying in the animal world. It’s not surprising that bullying is passed on to their off spring as well and continues to future generations. I’m hoping this article is both entertaining and beneficial. Thanks for reading.The article is on pages 26 and 27. For some reason they missed it in the table of contents. The link only takes you to the cover.