Writing Wins and Woes: My daddy

A girl always has a special place for her daddy. She looks to him for protection, guidance, strong hugs and affection. She crawls into his lap and feels safe. A lot of times Dad is the one who gets down on all fours to be a horsey ride.

I remember my dad getting out a guitar and singing Elvis songs to me. Now I love Elvis. My dad still sings but mostly he sings hymns now. It is so sweet to hear him sing them. In the mornings in Iowa when we were visiting Autumn it was so reassuring to hear his voice floating outside because he didn’t want to wake anyone in the house.

Growing up I didn’t really see much of my dad. He had a lot of demons to conquer, but he finally conquered them. I am so proud of him for doing that. When he re entered my life, I was the happiest daughter ever. When I see Mom and him together, I see a walking miracle, because my Mom never dreamed that she would go back with him again. But here they are supporting each other in a million ways as they grow older. They even teach Sunday School classes together.

As my children grew up, my Dad was there for them. My parents took them camping. Dad fished with them and hiked with them and now he walks with me every morning. I am so thankful to have these sweet times with my dad. Sometimes it feels like God took that big hole in my heart when I didn’t have him growing up, and He is filling it up now with every walk we take together.

When my daughter left a little more than two years ago for Iowa, it was my parents that comforted me. It was my mom and dad who cried for me. I know they hurt every bit as much as I did. Having that in common bonded us together even more.

I love my daddy. He is my hero, my friend, my handy man, and my comforter. He is the one I turn to when I need to laugh or when I want to cry. He is the one I look up to but he’s not too high to hug. No one can ever take his place. Happy birthday, Dad. May God bless you as He has blessed me with you for a Daddy.