Writing Wins and Woes: A Scathing rejection

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I wanted to transport myself back to this scene before entering this post. This is Baltimore’s peaceful inner Harbor. I was feeling relaxed that day. Today, I am unsettled and unsatisfied. Why? Because my writing life isn’t taking off in leaps and bounds, I’m not maturing fast enough as a writer, and worst of all, I’m disappointed in me.

I received a scathing rejection. Okay, I’m being overly dramatic. It wasn’t as horrible as I portray. It was just full of little criticisms and what is worse, I believe I deserved 90% of them. My story was too simplistic, not enough plot. It could have been more interesting. Am I becoming a lazy writer or is my mind closing to new and more ingenious ideas?

So, what’s the purpose of a rejection:
1. To let us know we need to improve something in our writing.
2. To encourage us to try again.
3. To write something different.
4. to remind us that we’re not perfect, and never will be.
There’s probably a bunch more, but that’s starters.

Also, I’m a little down about my last post. I entertained the idea of a new Paint Splashes Contest. I called for comments, and I got one comment. I must admit. I’m a bit discouraged about my lack of views lately to my blog. Maybe, it’s boring, too. I’m certainly not encouraging readers. So, how can I improve my blog? What do you think? And again, I ask, is there any interest in a new Paint Splashes Contest. I can continue blogging for my own benefit, and I like to do that, but I started this blog to encourage would be writers to keep trying. If I’m not accomplishing that, I feel a little sad. So, comment, people. If you have read this blog, let me know that I’m not just typing into dead air.

Writing Wins and Woes: New Contest?

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What do you spy? I spy a possible new contest. Did you ever play I spy with my little eye when you were a kid? Well, I’m spying something new right now. I feel so bad that the Photo Flare Contest is over (for now) and that Spellbound has gone the way of so many other good ezines that I am thinking of re-starting the Paint Splashes Contest one more time. It will be a new painting, of course, but the prizes will be the same $10 for winner, $5 for runner-up. Only the pleasure of choosing will be all mine this time. It will run for three months, from September something to November something. After which, I’ll choose two lucky stories. It will be flash again as well. What do you think? Should I give it another go? Please comment. Unless I know people will actually enter and send me some stories, it won’t be worth it. I’m doing it this way. If I get at least ten comments from this post, saying you are interested in entering the contest, it will be a go. That doesn’t commit you to entering. I just want to see interest as of now. Also, as a new feature, I may let you choose between three paintings you can write about, instead of just one. Inspiration comes in many forms. Okay? How about it? New writing contest anyone?

Writing Wins and Woes: Trees, trees, trees

If I told you I love trees, would you be surprised? After we moved into our house with our tiny little yard, I still wanted trees. However, our tiny yard could only support one tree. Despite that, I planted three, a silver maple, a red maple and a pine tree. The silver maple was the only one to survive. However, since then, a mimosa tree has planted itself and refuses to die. I love the pink fluffy blossoms, even though our yard is not big enough for both trees. Our silver maple has survived rough winters, ice storms, and a lightning strike, as well as blight. No wonder I consider it almost as a member of the family. It weathers the rough times just like we do and still perseveres.

This week I had another story bought and published on Enchanted Spark. Here is the link: http://enchantedspark.com/wordpress1/2014/08/13/the-tree-by-shari-l-klase/ Here are some links to some other tree stories I wrote: http://www.enchantedspark.com/photoflarepastwinners.php?s=congratulations-to-our-march-winner-shari-l-klase-2 Tree of Life http://www.knowonder.com/tag/girl-story/Tree of Knowledge. This story can only be fully accessed by joining the story a day club with Knowonder. But as you can see, I do love to write about trees.

I didn’t get any rejections this week. I did get one acceptance from Enchanted Spark, and I submitted to two places, Guardian Angel Kids and The Twice Upon a Time anthology. Finally finished my fairy tale retelling.

Thought for the Day: Don’t think you have written too many times about the same subject as I have with trees and dragons. Find new twists and write some more. There’s always another interesting spin on a topic. Find it and fill the world with wonder.

Writing Wins and Woes: another one bites the dust

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I’m sad because another favorite place to submit has succombed to the pressures of publishing. I’m talking about Spellbound. Spellbound was a children’s speculative fiction e-mag. Although I never got a chance to have any of my stories featured in it, I thought the publication was great. First, it was Kids’Magination, which morphed into Youth Imagination, more of a teen ezine and now Spellbound. It seems kids writing is a hard nut to crack.

I still really, really enjoy writing for kids even though I am slowly branching out to more grown-up writing. Because I like to write PG writing for kids is the easiest way to do that. So, I’m going to miss Spellbound.

My submission to Spellbound was, of course, rejected, because the ezine has folded. I made no submissions again this week, but I do have one ready to go, and probably will submit it next week. I also have a rewrite to send and I think it’s nearly ready. I started on a new story, and surprise, surprise, it’s about dragons. I am still anxiously awaiting for my Daily Science Fiction story to publish. I’ve had a contract for that, but no word on the when of it all.

Thought for the Day: Integrate writing into everyday activities. Journal, write notes on books or events or even record dreams. They can be inspirational for a story.

Writing Wins and Woes: Shari’s stats

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My stats for July are abysmal, but I’m posting them never the less. Here they are.

Submissions: 6

Rejections: 5

Acceptances: 1

Still waiting: 9

I didn’t submit one thing yet this week. I may submit something tomorrow if I get time. I had a rejection from Guardian Angel Kids, a poem. I did manage to finish a story I’ve been working on for a while.

But…things are looking up. I will soon be back to part time work so there will be more time for writing. I’m looking forward to:
Not being tired all the time
Having time for me
Having time to write
cleaning my own house instead of everybody else’s, not really. I’m just cleaning a school and a church, but it feels that way sometimes.
spending more time with my corgi, Lucy
being less snappy with my husband

And other things. Have a great writing week.