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Writing Wins and Woes: Winter’s Angry Roar

winter 2015 March 029

I sometimes wonder what winter thinks it’s doing when it rears its ugly head in March. Just when I was thinking daffodils and hyacinths, it dumps a foot of snow on us. We’ve had more cold and snow than our share these last months. I haven’t even seen one crocus this year. The weatherman said it was winter’s last gasp but after a foot of snow, I recognize it for what it is; an angry roar.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, my writer’s soul has been wintering lately. I’ve felt myself huddled up, secreted away and forsaken. Despite my writing goals, and I have been writing, I’m not feeling it with my writing. I’m lacking a lot of motivation, and I’m really struggling. Although I’ve had a publication in my ever faithful Guardian Angel Kids. See it here: http://www.guardian-angel-kids.com/03-015-3Dflip/index.html
I’ve also had two rejections; one from Daily Science Fiction and one from Cricket, which makes me feel, need I say it, mediocre.

This is something every writer agonizes with; to keep going despite insurmountable odds. So, here’s my quick tips to keep writing despite disappointments and distractions:

1. Write for a theme. Sometimes I can’t for the life of me come up with one lousy idea on my own until a magazine says write on this theme. Then, I say Ahhh, I think I’ve got it.

2. Use writing prompts. Writings prompts get the juices flowing.

3. Read all/most of what you’ve written last. If I’m working on a novel, sometimes reading a good portion of it makes me think what to write next.

4. Work on something new. Let’s face it. We’re all out with the old, in with the new. Sometimes the old is boring, so writing something new motivates us. After you’ve been away from the old for awhile it may become new again.

5. Meditate. When I meditate I often come up with writing ideas or the next part of my manuscript.

6. Write those random thoughts down. Whatever they are, you are at least writing.

So beat winter’s angry roar with a roar of your own.

Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer’s Blog

It seems lately that my writing career has become more woes than wins. I haven’t had a single acceptance in the New Year. Yet, I am strangely optimistic. I am writing more than ever despite working part time. I made a writing goal of 3000 words a week and so far, I am keeping it. Also, I am happy with the fact that I have over 40 publications in various ezines, print magazines and anthologies. Like my friend, Holly Jennings, I am always hoping for a year of the novel. Of course,my novels are usually more like short books geared to children. I am also writing more flash stories, short shorts or stories of 1000 words or less because it is fun. Speaking of flash, please, submit to my contest. So far, I have two submissions, and I really want a lot more. Again, here is the link to my contest, Paint Splashes. It is for flash fiction, winner wins $10 paypal money and runner-up wins $5 paypal money. Please enter and tell other writers to do the same. The contest continues until March 25th.
So, I have a question for all you writers reading my blog. What are you looking to for inspiration lately? I’ll tell you one of mine. We have had cold, and I mean cold weather this Winter in the Northeast US. I know some of you get colder weather but we have had a lot of single digits with wind chills below zero. These cold snaps have names now. The first one was called a Polar Vortex and now this one is called an Arctic Blast. I love this. It just inspired me to write a story about eternal Winter. Try your hand at a story about something that inspires you. What? Did I just give a thought for the day? I guess I did.
Thought for the Day: Get inspired and write, or paint. Or paint and write. Or write about a painting. There’s another shameless plug of mine.