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Writing Wins and Woes: What kind of writer are you?

party day 170

Am I a story writer or am I a poet? Do I write children’s picture books or middle grade fiction? Do I write Christian fiction or fantasy? Do I write allegorical or straight forward? I don’t know, because when you’re a writer, you write. When an idea comes to me, I just write it. I love children’s stories, but I like to write for adults, too. I am a Christian writer, so I write Christian fiction. I hate being put in a box, but I’m told if you don’t specify it could take much longer to become a writer who sells. People like to read certain genres. Some people like fantasy; other enjoy literary; still more like YA.

What to do? I’ve always followed the advice of writing from the heart. My passion is to write. The more I focus on the selling aspect of it, the more it becomes just a job. I hate jobs. They suck up my time, my energy and they don’t give me satisfaction. But jobs do make money and money is needed to live.

I don’t care what kind of writer I am. I’m not going to focus on that. I’m just going to write.

For those who don’t know I am also a poet, here is a link to two of my poems just published at Page and Spine. Poetry was actually how I started out in my writing to be published career. When I found it hard to publish poetry I moved on to stories. Hope you like these:


By the way, these paintings I included were done by my lovely daughter proving that artistry runs in the family.