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Writer’s Wins and Woes: Whine Box Edition

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Well, this has been an eventful writing week, but not in a good sense. Because I am submitting more again, I am also receiving more rejections. So I am introducing a new feature to my blog. It’s actually just a refining of an old feature, but who’s to argue with me about my blog? As I have always been painfully honest about my rejections, I am instituting the Writer’s Whine Box, where I will post my rejections in the week I receive them. On more fortunate weeks, I will post Writer’s Brag Box, with links to my stories, if applicable. Anyway, without further ado: I present Writer’s Whine Box:
Writer’s Whine Box
Personal Rejection from SQ Magazine:Verdict: interesting Premise but needs rewrite to connect the reader
Personal Rejection fromFreeze Frame Fiction: Verdict: interesting but needs polishing. More unraveling of MC’s character
Rejection from Saturday night reader: over word limit
Rejection from T. Gene Davis Spec. Blog: no comment
I’m sensing a pattern here. I need to connect the reader more to my main character. I need my main character to be more personable. etc. etc.

So, yeah, you got it. Four rejections in one week. It does sting, but I’m learning as I go how to make little improvements to my stories. I’m making some dumb mistakes which I need to correct, and I’m seeing where my work tends to mediocrity. I need to step up my game. Polish, Polish, Polish. Too often I submit the raw materials that haven’t been cooked thoroughly. Rare is not always good with writing.
Anyway, I press on. If you’re smart, you will, too, fellow writers.