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Writing Wins and Woes: A Relaxed Writer

Lucy and Alpacas 008 Unfortunately, I have never been a relaxed writer. It’s always been scouring my brain for ideas, plenty of anxiety about the places I submitted to, and rushing to pen the words so I could finish a story. It’s been a while since I just sat and enjoyed the craft of writing. Somehow, the publishing process can take a whole lot of joy out of what should be the most satisfying part of my life.

All that is said to complement this picture of my corgi, Lucy. She is often relaxed. Dogs don’t know when you will come and go, when they will get their next meal, or if they will get to follow you on your adventures. Yet, they still can relax. I could learn a lot from a dog.

I need to remember that this whole writing thing is mostly out of my control. I write; others decide. That’s it. That’s the way it flies. I can only do my best. I have a co-worker that says you can only give your 100%. That’s all I can do as a writer.

So, I submitted to two places this week and I’m sad about one of them. Photo Flare’s last contest. I have really enjoyed submitting to these contests. The photos Julie provided were inspirational and challenging. A big shout out to Melinda Moore for hosting these contests. We are going to miss them. The other place I submitted to was Strange Horizons. Not much hope there, but as I said before, sometimes you shoot for the moon. I had no acceptances this week, and one sort of rejection, because I had submitted to Enchanted conversation back in June. Winners were announced and I wasn’t one of them. Anyway, that is another contest I will miss. Kate Wolford’s contest was all about fairy tales, and the stories there are truly lovely. Check out her site. It’s a wonderful adventure into fantasy. http://www.fairytalemagazine.com/

Thought for the Day: Try to relax more as a writer. Don’t let the fears and failings of publishing steal the fun away from writing.

Writing Wins and Woes: 50 Acceptances

Writing Wins and Woes: 50 Acceptances

Yes, this is me shamelessly promoting my cute incorrigible corgi again. Before you get a corgi, make sure you’re not too attached to your furniture. Mine likes to chew the stuffing out of mine; also she has been known to chew on the floor (hardwood and linoleum) shoes, books (including ones I’ve had stories in) and probably about fifty percent of my favorite things. As I’ve said in a bio, she keeps it real.
What else keeps it real for a writer? Well, rejections do. Like that lead in? Yes, I’ve had another rejection this week. My week isn’t complete without one. I’ve had a rejection from allegory, my eighth time submitting this particular story which I happen to love. Why doesn’t everybody love it like I do?
But I don’t want to focus on that. I’ve had a great month so far. My 50th acceptance came from the Photo Flash Contest. It was followed almost immediately by the Penn Cove literary Award, making it 51. I feel totally blessed. Here are some links to some of my accepted stories. Don’t feel you have to read them. I’m just proud.
Ashes to Ashes http://www.fairytalemagazine.com/2013/11/ashes-to-ashes-by-shari-l-klase.html
Tree of Life http://www.enchantedspark.com/photoflarepastwinners.php?s=congratulations-to-our-march-winner-shari-l-klase-2
The Visitor http://metromoms.net/2013/03/17/the-visitor-by-shari-l-klase/
Beta Tribe http://www.youthimagination.org/index.php/publish/current-issue/december-2013/item/72-beta-tribe-by-shari-klase
The Forgotten Smile http://whidbeystudents.com/2013/10/04/october-news/

I’m stopping there. I’m so happy to say that there are many more.

Thought for the Day: Encourage yourself by looking back at your accomplishments. Then, move on to further greatness.

Writing Wins and Woes: April’s stats

Writing Wins and Woes: April's stats

I have to say it’s good to be back doing my regular blog again. I really enjoyed doing Paint Splashes but it’s nice to be able to say my own thing once more and be back in the groove, sharing my writing wrecks and triumphs, even if the triumphs are few and far between and the wrecks are numerous. If I was a vehicle, I’d be non-salvageable by now.

On with April’s stats:

Submissions: 8
Rejections: 1
Acceptances: 1
Month’s Que (still waiting): 7
Waiting from other months: 8
Publications: 1
Places submitted to this month: UFO, Enchanted Conversation, Photo Flare Contest, Penn Cove, Unfettered, Knowonder!, Guardian Angel Kids and Daily Science Fiction.

Now, for some excitement. The anthology I am a part of is out! You can read it for free, if you have Amazon prime, in digital form, or you can purchase the digital copy for $2.99, or the print version for a little more than $10. Here is the link:

Other exciting news: I have an author interview coming out on May 6th with Strange Musings Press, who published the anthology. I will include the link when it is out.
I also have my author story being published at Flash Fiction Chronicles on May 20th. I will include a link to that as well. May will be a fabulous month for me!

Unfortunately, my writing has slacked off a bit. I’m ¬†working more hours this month and am a bit frenzied, but I need to step up to the plate and keep batting. Good things are happening. I’ll keep you posted.

Thought for the Day: Share your writing story with someone else and encourage them. Good writing friends are inspirational.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog. I appreciate all who do. Share this blog with others, if you please. I’d be grateful.

Writing Wins and Woes: A Writer’s Blog

What is your favorite thing to write about? I love to write about dragons, among other things. Dragons are fierce, dominating, and powerful. When they are around, people take notice. See any similarities? Yes, this is how every writer wants their work to be approached. I want to be a fierce writer that conquers (in the publishing world, of course)

So far this month, my domination has been lacking. I had one acceptance from Guardian Angel Kids. I am so thankful for them as they continue to accept a majority of my work.
I haven’t had so much success with my resubmit to Knowonder! I still haven’t met their approval although they’ve invited me to try again with this story. My other resubmit to them I haven’t heard back about yet. I had another rejection from The First Line. I’ve tried there repeatedly, as well. No luck. The first story I submitted to them, they said they liked but they had too many stories similar to mine. Ever since, I’ve never even merited another personal rejection. I wonder what I’m doing wrong.

I sent another story to Daily Science Fiction. I’ve been rejected by them over and over again. I know they like flash stories and mostly, science fiction. I like to write flash stories but I prefer fantasy over techno mumbo jumbo. I like science fiction. I just find it difficult to write it without sounding laughable.

I submitted one story to Timeless Tales, another to Enchanted Conversation, because I love fairy tales, and two to the Photo Flare Contests. I urge any writers out there to submit to Melinda’s contests. The regular contest pays $50 and her flash pays $10 like mine. All stories must be in by next week. Details can be found on her blog on my sidebar.
While we’re on the subject, please enter my contest as well, Paint Splashes. Details found here:

This week besides the Photo Flare Contest, I submitted to Guardian Angel kids for their Unique Art issue. If you enjoy writing for kids, I urge you to try writing there. Details are again on my sidebar.

Thought for the Day: I know they say, write what you know, but I say, write what you love. What do you love to write about? I’d love to know.,

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

As promised, I am doing a brief review on Peter Guralnick’s book, The Unmaking of Elvis Presley Careless Love.
What I liked about this book: It brought you up close and personal with Elvis. There is a ton of detail about his life, his recording sessions, his marriage, the women in his life, those he worked with, and of course, his unmaking which was the drug use everybody has heard about.
What I didn’t like: This book was about 650 pages so it is long. It has almost too much detail about contracts and recording sessions, and it gets tedious in places.
What I learned: Elvis was a lonely, lost man who found himself with few friends at the end of his life. He also spent much of his life wondering what his purpose was for being here. He wanted it to be about more than entertaining, but in the end, I believe that mostly that’s what it was about.
This book made me want to read the prequel, which I plan to, Last Train to Memphis. Also I had to watch some of his early and later concerts on Youtube. If you do the same, it will make you sad. Even hearing some of his later concert selections in 1977 are heart breaking; slurred speech, speedy delivery, a feeling of apathy toward the music he loved. In the early days, say 1970 and before, he seemed to transcend into a deeper plane when he sang.
Anyway, despite the length, I do recommend it, esp. if you’re an Elvis fan like me. Why am I an Elvis fan? Well, I suppose partly becuz my parents were Elvis fans. But mostly, because I have been obsessed with Elvis and his music since childhood. My mother actually wrote me letters from Elvis when I was a little girl because I didn’t have a dad in my life at the time and I believed at the time that they came from Elvis. He became a surrogate dad to me. I know, corny and naive. I debated even sharing it. But it actually helped me get through a lot of childhood trauma.
Okay, on to writer stuff. I received one rejection this week from Up, Do. I hate to say it but it was a very unhelpful rejection. They said my story should have less explanation and more action. I hate these kind of comments becuz I don’t know how to apply them. Probably wouldn’t want to anyway. The story was more psychological, than action.
I submitted to two places, The amazing Photo Flare Contest and Daily Science Fiction. I forgot to mention that I submitted to two places last week as well.Spellbound and Untied Shoelaces of the Mind. I get daily science fiction’s stories every day. You can too by clicking on my link. They’re usually short and thought provoking.
Speaking of thought:

Thought for the Day: A writer is a reader. Don’t neglect reading to learn how other great writers achieve their mastery. Learn from them and then add your own flair to what you learn.
Note about Contest: I will be having a writing contest. It will be flash fiction, which means 1000 words or less. It will be any genre. The winner will receive $10 via paypal. runner-up will receive $5 via paypal. It will begin about the second week of January and will run to the end of March, at which time I will announce winner, send money and post the two stories on my blog. I will post a painting by my husband of my choosing. You write a story that the painting inspires you to write. I will be excited to see what people come up with. Hope I get some entries. Comment if this sounds interesting or if you have questions. Nothing is set in stone yet.