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Writing Wins and Woes: Strange Dreams

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Writers have strange dreams. One of my dreams was to visit the home of one of my favorite writers, Pearl S Buck. Recently, I got to realize my dream. Why do I say it’s strange? Well, I guess because when I mentioned it to people, their reactions were like “Who is Pearl S Buck? I’ve never heard of her.” To me it’s strange that people have not heard of a Pulitzer Prize winning author who has published nearly 1000 works of fiction, nonfiction, screenplays and articles.

My visit was kind of strange in itself. I’ve been wanting to see the Pearl S Buck house for years. But every time my husband and I talked about it, we said, “Really? Two hour trip for a house tour?” This weekend was my husband and I’s anniversary, 31 years. Now, everybody knows I’m old, right? We were shopping at a local antique store when my husband casually asked a vendor if he was from the area. “No, he said, I’m from Bucks county.” “Oh,” my husband replied. “Have you ever been to the Pearl S Buck house?” “Have I been there? I’ve played basketball there with her kids. I’ve met Pearl S Buck. She’s a very nice lady. You have to go there.”

So, of course, we did. The next day. Two hour trip through many back roads we never heard of in very back woodsy towns to a town called Perkasie, or if you follow the Google Maps, Hilltown. We weren’t sure which one it actually was. I’m so glad I went. The picture in my blog today is a view out the window of the room where Pearl S Buck sat and wrote many of her books. It was awesome to realize Pearl S Buck sat there writing in the spot I was in! She said the view reminded her of China, where she lived many years and wrote about.

I could say so much more, but I pen a short blog, or I try to. I was ecstatic to buy three more Buck books in their gift shop that had donated used books by her for piddling prices. Since she wrote so much, I always find more I haven’t read yet.

Okay, that was fun. Now for the bad news:

Yes, another Whine Box

I had two rejections this week, both on the same day. Bully for me. One was from Fireside and another from Guardian Angel Kids. I also received a critique of a story I submitted to a contest a little while ago. The critique was very fair, and I’m satisfied with what the readers said. This is all the whining I will do because I whined far too much last week.


I also submitted to Enchanted Conversation’s new flash contest. Krampus and Santa Claus. Yes, it is a weird contest. If you want to have some fun, submit to it. Here’s the link:

Thought for the Day: Get a inspiration kick by a literary vacation. Visit the home of a favorite author or places where writers wrote. It might inspire you on the way to your next selling story.

A Writer’s Blog

A Writer's Blog

Life for a writer is not all roses, is it? I wish I could write on this blog that I’ve sent out two items and had two acceptances every time. But that’s not life, is it? It is moments of joy coupled with moments of pain.

That said. I sent out two items this week, and I’ve had two rejections. One was from Ardor and one was from Electric Spec. I sent out to Buzzy Mag and The First Line.

I thought I’d do a little book review today of one of the books from a favorite author. Pearl S buck. If you’ve never read anything by her, I urge you to read away. I haven’t read anything I haven’t liked. The book I recently read was titled, Kinfolk. Pearl S Buck was a missionary in China and she writes mainly about old time China. This story is actually from the 1940’s and begins in America and then turns to China. It is about the Liang family, whose oldest son, a doctor, decides he wants to serve his people in China. When his siblings are forced to join him because of a family scandal, they end up moving to their ancestral village where the story enfolds. What I like best about Kinfolk is the rich descriptions of Chinese culture that is embedded in all the author’s narratives, the most famous being The Good Earth. My personal favorite is Pavilion of Women.

My thought for the day is : Don’t be afraid to leap into your next phase of writing, whether it is writing a novel, or sending it out, promoting a book, or exploring a new interest. Go have an adventure.