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Writing Wins and Woes: All About Monkeys

In my last blog I mentioned that I’d be “publishing” my own articles/stories in my blog that didn’t quite make it into other publications. When I try to get something sold, or published, I often have to try multiple venues. That’s just the way it is. What one person doesn’t like, another may, but often times I just write for a theme. I really don’t have any plans to publish this particular work elsewhere. Furthermore, I don’t really even know what other publication would have any interest in it.

That’s what these little articles are that I’m putting in my blog. I really enjoy writing about nature/animals so most of these that I’ll include are about them. The September issue of Guardian Angel Kids was all about monkeys. I sent in an article to them about an interesting species of monkeys called “Howler Monkeys” but it didn’t make the cut. I still think the article is interesting, though, so for your eyes only, my readers, here is my article.

The Loud-Mouthed Monkey

By Shari L Klase

What is the loudest animal in the New World? Bears are loud. Parrots are loud. Mountain lions are very loud, but the loudest animal is actually a monkey. This monkey is called a Howler Monkey. It is named for its howl that can be heard three miles away.

Howler Monkeys live in rain forests in Latin America. They are not only the loudest  monkey there but the largest. They grow anywhere from two to four feet tall. They have big necks and huge lower jaws to support their over-the-top vocal cords.

Why do these monkeys howl? The males howl to defend their territory. Different monkey families called troops holler back and forth to each other so they know where each other are at. They do this at the beginning and end of every day. Howler Monkeys eat leaves, fruit, nuts and flowers from trees so a protected food source is very important.

These monkeys have another interesting feature. They have a tail as long as their bodies that can grip tree branches. They hang from their tails while eating. That’s because Howlers live high up in the trees and rarely come down; not even to drink. They can get enough water from the leaves they eat. Sometimes they drink the water that collects on the leaves like a cup.

Howlers live in family groups of fifteen to twenty members and their leader is usually an old male monkey. There are nine different species of Howler Monkeys and their colors can be anywhere from gold to black. When Howler Monkeys have babies, several females will look after it and sometimes the males will, too, except for the very young males who may hurt the infants.

The Howler is one of the laziest monkeys around, resting 80 % of the time. They spend most of their time sleeping and grooming each other. But they don’t need an alarm clock to wake up. Their booming voices will do that every day!

****Side note: I’m very excited to be a part of a project from Knowonder! that has published readers for dyslexic children. Two of the four volume set have included a story of mine in them. They are not very expensive and they include delightful stories about dragons. Here is the link to those books if you know someone with a dyslexic reader.

dragon on a high hill  and  The Cloud Castle606

Writing Wins and Woes: During Winning Times

Writing Wins and Woes: During Winning Times

Again, I am cheerleading for my husband. This painting is actually a mural on our living room wall, which is still a work in progress for him. This wintry scene is a story in itself. Viewers of it can lose themselves in the narrative of colonial-type settlers, carolers strolling in robes, horse and wagons, and one or two sci-fi elements thrown in because that’s what he likes to do with his paintings. Enjoy.

I’m pleased to announce that I had two more publications since I wrote last. I am still reeling in my blessings this week. One was for the Photo Flash contest and the other was for the Penn Cove literary Arts Award. Here are the links for both.


These are both flash stories, very short, so please read, enjoy and comment. Writers love feedback.

Also, I want to include the link for my author interview on Strange Musings, concerning my story in the anthology, Alternate Hilarities. I loved answering the questions about how I came to write the story and other pieces of writing trivia.

All this is very exciting. So here is some words of advice for the those few and far between winning times.
1. Enjoy the win. That’s first. Sometimes we worry about what’s coming next when we’re on a winning roll. Will there be ten more rejections that follow? Probably. But enjoy the win while you have it.
2.Keep writing. It’s also easy to rest and bask in your win and not move forward. Don’t do that. Staying stagnant is moving backwards. Keep on writing and submitting.
3. Take advantage of opportunities to toot your horn. Publicity is great for gaining readership and moving toward bigger publications. Don’t be afraid to do that or too humble to do that. It is stepping in time toward your goal of achieving in your writing profession. This is your job if you are a writer. Don’t let people tell you you’re being proud, or don’t tell yourself that. If you want to be a successful writer, you have to advertise.
4. Be prepared for rejections. I have to say it. I know when I succeed, failure is just a step behind me, sometimes half a step. Don’t get discouraged. It’s also part of the process. They’re not failures; they’re lessons to help you write better next time. Any publisher will tell you you’re story is probably not a total flop, at least most will, it’s just competing with many others. This time your story didn’t make it. Next time it may. In my early writing days, a few rejections kept me from submitting. I didn’t want to open myself up to such criticisms of what was more than my writing; more like a part of me. Every writer feels that way. You’ll wound and you’ll have scar tissue but you’ll heal and you’ll be stronger.
5. Don’t quit. That’s a funny thing to say when you’ve just succeeded in winning, but some people say, Okay, I’ve done it. I’ve accomplished my goal. I resign. Don’t resign. Keep going. Some of the best writers did that. Need I say, To Kill a Mockingbird. The best is yet to come.

I need to say to those who aren’t in winning times right now, I did have two rejections this week as well–Timeless Tales and Knowonder! and Guess what? They both hurt. Rejections sting, but I’m moving on. You move on, too.

Writing Wins and Woes: April’s stats

Writing Wins and Woes: April's stats

I have to say it’s good to be back doing my regular blog again. I really enjoyed doing Paint Splashes but it’s nice to be able to say my own thing once more and be back in the groove, sharing my writing wrecks and triumphs, even if the triumphs are few and far between and the wrecks are numerous. If I was a vehicle, I’d be non-salvageable by now.

On with April’s stats:

Submissions: 8
Rejections: 1
Acceptances: 1
Month’s Que (still waiting): 7
Waiting from other months: 8
Publications: 1
Places submitted to this month: UFO, Enchanted Conversation, Photo Flare Contest, Penn Cove, Unfettered, Knowonder!, Guardian Angel Kids and Daily Science Fiction.

Now, for some excitement. The anthology I am a part of is out! You can read it for free, if you have Amazon prime, in digital form, or you can purchase the digital copy for $2.99, or the print version for a little more than $10. Here is the link:

Other exciting news: I have an author interview coming out on May 6th with Strange Musings Press, who published the anthology. I will include the link when it is out.
I also have my author story being published at Flash Fiction Chronicles on May 20th. I will include a link to that as well. May will be a fabulous month for me!

Unfortunately, my writing has slacked off a bit. I’m  working more hours this month and am a bit frenzied, but I need to step up to the plate and keep batting. Good things are happening. I’ll keep you posted.

Thought for the Day: Share your writing story with someone else and encourage them. Good writing friends are inspirational.

Thanks for continuing to read my blog. I appreciate all who do. Share this blog with others, if you please. I’d be grateful.

Writing Wins and Woes: Letting your light shine

Writing Wins and Woes: Letting your light shine

What does it mean to let your light shine as a writer? I think it means to keep going even when the path seems darkest, and to let your message, whatever that may be, to shine through your writing. I try to keep my writing consistent with my world view, which is Christian. I have no problems with spells, magic or the supernatural. I can separate fantasy from reality, I do, however, like tales of good vs. evil and good doesn’t always win out at the end. Life isn’t always like that. I do like to weave a little of my beliefs in my stories when I can. After all, our stories are little pieces of ourselves, aren’t they?

I have been a very productive writer this week. I have unveiled my contest. It begins immediately and you can submit until March 25th of this year. Details are found here on my blog.

I made a writing resolution to write 3000 words a week, and I made my goal. Yay! I wrote 3100 words this week. I wrote a new flash story and have one of my stories I have been working on up to over 6000 words. My third accomplishment was submitting 6 stories this week. Why did I do this? Well, Knowonder!, who has been kind enough to publish three of my stories in two anthologies is now offering an opportunity for writers to submit short stories in a view to have them published in a book of their own short story collections. In order to do that, I must begin by having five short stories published on their site. When that happens, then I must write 10-15 more which will be included in a collection. Phew! Sounds challenging, but I’m up for the challenge. Writers write better when they’re motivated. If you’d like to read about this latest development at Knowonder! here is a link to it.

I also submitted to Page and Spine, where my good writing friend, Melinda Moore, has been recently accepted for a story she wrote. I got a very nice, rejection(groan) letter saying it was a good story idea but needs some work to tighten it up and change at the end so the character actually grows. I know that is necessary for a great story. In fairness, I wrote the story some time ago, so Melinda has graciously offered to help me hone my skills a little on this particular story, so I can publish it somewhere…hopefully.

Thought for the Day: You guessed it; Let your light shine as a writer, in whatever ways you want to show the world your talent. And if you’re not a writer, let your light shine in every way you can.