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Writing Wins and Woes: Everlost series


For this special after Christmas day, I thought I’d share a little review on a book series passed on to me by my daughter. This is probably the only way I end up reading YA books. However, I really liked this trilogy. Everlost is a place where kids go when they die. It’s not the final destination. It’s a place where they sometimes get “side-tracked” into when they are on their way to where they are going. The book never mentions Heaven or Hell, but I would say strongly suggests Heaven is the final destination. Nobody knows what that is like, though, because nobody sees the end of the tunnel. This is all beside the point. All the adventure happens in Everlost, where two kids start out after a car accident in which they accidentally end up in Everlost. Everlost has sinking ground that pulls you to the center of the earth, that is unless you find the “places” that are so dear to the living people that they resurrect in Everlost. For example the Twin Towers are in Everlost. There are also trains, trees, small patches of ground and even the Hindenburg. The series follow Nick and Allie as they discover how to live in Everlost and how to get out of it. Along the way, they find some friends and a villain, Mary Hightower, who wants to make sure everyone who comes to Everlost stays there. I read all three books of the trilogy and really enjoyed them, particularly the first and the third. This series is called the skinjacker series. Skinjackers can inhabit real living human bodies, but only a few of the people in Everlost can do this. To find out why, you have to read the books. I hope you do.

Although I am discontinuing whine box and brag box, I am happy to relate that I sold three stories to Guide recently. I wrote a story for them, and I got a reply. This is no good as it is. It needs to be a three part story. How often does that happen to a writer?

The new year is coming. What are your goals? I haven’t figured mine out yet. Last year, I made a goal of writing 3000 words a week. Sometimes I made the goal, but often I didn’t. Since I won’t be submitting as much this next year, I will have a goal. Keep tuning in to my blog to find what that is. In the meanwhile, share your own writing goals. Hope you make some.

Thought for the Day: Make a realistic New Year’s goal but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t always reach it. It’s the struggle that makes you strong.

Writing Wins and Woes: The Best Kinds of News

Lucy and cover photo 005

What does a writer get excited about? Mostly, they get excited about publications and acceptances. Well, I’ve found a lot of new things to be excited about as a writer. For instance, I’ve had my first cover story in a printed magazine. Okay, it’s not the Atlantic or the New Yorker or something earth shattering. It’s Guide Magazine, a Christian kids’ magazine, but I’m still excited. The illustration of my story made the cover. Wow!

Also, I am excited because TA-Da! Finally, my Daily Science Fiction story is going to be posted. The big date is Wednesday, Oct 15th, folks! I will be linking to it that day because I am super excited! I’ve been waiting for forever for this. Yes, when I say forever, all the writers out there know exactly what I am talking about.

And my good news is not over. I am going to be doing a guest blog on Blogs by Christian Women. Yay! This will be on Monday of next week, so I will have three blogs next week, instead of one. I hope I’m not overplaying my hand. I hate to inundate people with my blogs. I will link to this as well. So, join me Monday, Tuesday and Friday of next week for my good news blogs. Friday, I will be doing my monthly stats for September, a bit late, but I still want to do it.

Thought for the day: Make the most of every opportunity as a writer. Stretch your vision, set some goals and go for them.