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Writing Wins and Woes: Frozen Fairy Tales

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m back. There are times I wondered if I would be. You may not know it but there are times when I don’t want to sit in front of this keyboard and do yet another blog for an invisible audience. In fact, sometimes I wonder if there is an audience at all. Even so, I write often for myself, for a cathartic experience. I blog, therefore, I am.

Today, however, I am not tooting my own horn. I’ve spent the past few months, reading among other things a wonderful fairy tale book called Frozen Fairy Tales by a host of gifted writers and edited by Kate Wolford, who has the Enchanted Conversation website. This year Kate will again be conducting writing contests, so give her website a view if you have a hankering for writing a fairy tale.

Now for my review:

Here are some of my faves from the book. The first story is called “The Stolen Heart”.  Winter has stolen Summer’s heart so his daughter the Summer Princess must retrieve it. She doesn’t relish traveling into the cold recesses of winter’s terrain. Will she lose her heart to winter?

“Faithful Henry” is a princess and frog story with a twist, but this frog wants more than just a kiss.

“Buffalo Wings” is a very creatively told story about a never ending blizzard in surprise, surprise, Buffalo, New York. This story is both comical and entertaining with its share of winter elves, enchanted doors, and an evil king.

“Cold Bites” is a tooth fairy story, but it’s not for children. Timmy helps an old lady through an avalanche. He’s tempted to steal her bag of gold, which is not what it seems. He ends up richer for being honest in the end.

“Shard of Glass” is an Snow Queen story gone bad. This story does not end well.

One more: “Simon the Cold”. Giving a coffee to a homeless man leads to surprises. Halley finds that she has the gift of seeing, which leads to adventures.

These stories are all well written and I recommend it. You can purchase it on Amazon here both in print and Kindle edition. Happy reading.1072

Writing Wins and Woes: Prelude to Winter

1073Let me start this blog out the proper way. I am not a fan of Winter. I am a Spring/Summer kind of person. Fall is beautiful, with the leaves and cool, crisp temperatures but I have fall allergies, so fall is no good either for me. Winter is definitely a kill joy as far as I’m concerned. Sure, I love snow. It’s gorgeous. It makes for great pictures, and it looks nice out the window. As far as going outside, shoveling it and maneuvering through it, it’s the pits.

However, I am here to promote Winter in a way. I’d like to advertise Kate Wolford’s new book, Frozen Fairy Tales found here on Amazon. I recently purchased the book, as I am a big fan of fairy tales, and I am eager to read it, even if it is about Winter. In honor of the book’s release, Kate has a flash fiction contest, with the wintry theme in keeping, surrounding Sleeping Beauty. If you’d like to enter as I did, please read the guidelines and submit in the comments section here. You could win $100. While you are scouting this out, you can read my take on Sleeping Beauty as well on the blog post comments. I am very excited to see who the winner will be.

Winter is actually a very good time for writers. Generally it is so cold outside that there isn’t much to do but sit in the house and read a book or write a story. I’m hoping the return to cold weather will inspire me to finish my novel about eternal winter. I have been rather disenchanted with it lately, since Open Office erased my file and deleted my whole novel. Although I had a Norton Back up program, for some reason it was only backed up to July 30th so several chapters could not be recovered. I have not had the heart at this point to rewrite them, but of course, I will at some point, when I get motivated. Actually, I should have a better attitude about Winter because my very first publication was in Kids Ark magazine. It was a story, called “Snow Treasures.” Whether you’re a winter person or not, hope you can find some time to write.