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Writing Wins and Woes: How Did I Do?

1286The time has come for making some writing goals for 2016, but wait…Let’s examine my goals last year and see how I did.

1.My Submission goal is downsized now to one a month.
I submitted 24 articles/stories to  publishing places. That is two a month, so I made this goal. Yay!

2. Writing: I’m going to endeavor to write one hour every week day. That will probably include lots of stuff; journaling, blogging, or story/novel writing. It will not include emails, though. I’m not cheating that much.

I blew this goal big time. I had many times especially mid to late year I did not write one iota. I think this may be an impossible goal with holidays, sickness, vacations and family crises. I’m going to revise this one to a weekly goal.

3. Reading: One book a month, at least, and three of them must be writing books.

I easily made this goal. I read way more than one book a month. I read two Pearl S Buck books, a writing book, a Miss Read book, a few classics, Frozen Fairy Tales, My own Fairy tale book, Twice Upon a Time, Several Elsie Dinsmore books, Vitro, 2 fictional books about the Amish and I’m currently reading a divergent book and a book about Barbara Newhall Follet. However, I did not make my goal of three writing books. I only read one.

4. Get an agent. Or try to anyway.

I did try to get an agent. One time. One agent. Did not succeed. Quit and decided not to continue the effort.

5. Be on the way to publishing a book.

This is the hardest and most painful. I am not on my way to publishing my book. I have submitted somewhere and am waiting for a reply but things at this point do not look very hopeful.

New Goals for a New Year:

  1. Three submissions a month. I’m upping this from what I did last year. It seems attainable even with working on publishing my book and finishing my novel.
  2. Finish my novel; both first draft and finished product.
  3. Read 20 books; 2 writing books. Since I only read one writing book and I need to improve, I’ll say two this time.
  4. Reevaluate publishing my book. Decide whether I want to stick with a publishing company or self-publish. Decision dead-line: end of May. Work on whichever I decide for the rest of the year more diligently.
  5. Write 4-5 hours a week. I’m changing to a weekly goal so I can do it all at once or in stages. This works better with my work schedule anyway.                                                          Well, there you have it. Whatever your goals may be, I wish you success in what you do. Each day gives you a clean slate to do it in. Enjoy.

Writing Wins and Woes: What a writer’s house looks like

Writing Wins and Woes: What a writer's house looks like

I don’t know if I should have captioned this “What a writer’s house looks like” or “What a reader’s house looks like” but anyway, this is a painting my husband did of our bedroom. It does justice to the stacks of books “we” have accumulated because we are both readers. I am a writer, so I read. Writers should be readers. The only way to write well is to be well read. Studying great writers helps us to write great.

Hopefully your house, if you’re a writer, isn’t quite this bad, and maybe you have Kindle now and don’t need all this, but I think there is nothing so satisfying as holding a book in your hands. I have such contentment reading a book I love and feel such disappointment when it’s done. I can’t be involved in those character’s lives anymore. I usually go away wanting more.

As writers, we need to strive to make our characters come alive so our readers want more when the stories over. Hopefully, our audience isn’t saying, “Thank God, it’s over.” That’s a little private joke in our family, but it can be so true of a lousy book or story. We don’t even want to finish it. I’ve filed a few books into the round file.

Well, I didn’t submit a thing this week. It’s the first I haven’t in a while, but it was a very busy week, and I’ve had a few upsets. So…next week. I also got a rejection from Untied Shoelaces of the Mind. I know you’ve been waiting to hear how they raked me over the coals, but oddly, they didn’t say anything. Rejected, without a word. So I guess, it was even worse than usual.

Happy Memorial Day to all the veterans and service people out there. We appreciate all you’ve done and do. God bless everybody and here’s to good writing successes in your future. The odds are never in our favor, but we write on.

Thought for the Day: Build characters that live and breathe. And don’t collect as many books as we do.