Day 13 of a writer’s blog

Day 13 of a writer's blog

They are calling for snow tonite in PA and even though I am no fan of winter, I thought I’d post a wintry picture. This has been a great week. I got an acceptance on Monday from Knowonder! This was my second acceptance in two weeks, a definite record for me.
I received no rejections, and I submitted to two places, Ruminate and the Photo Flare Contest. I wrote one and a half stories, so I’m feeling good.
I worked on lengthening and shortening two stories that I am sending out next week.
For any that might read my blog: One Teen Story is now open for submissions and there is news at Guardian Angel Kids. Donna McDine is stepping down as fiction editor and Mary Sue Roberts is taking her place. I hope Mary Sue likes my stuff as much as Donna has. It was a real pleasure writing things for Guardian Angel Kids. I hope to continue doing so.
Thought for the day: Write what you love. It’s easy to get bogged down trying to make money. Writing what I enjoy makes the reading more enjoyable for others, I think.


Day 12 of a writer’s blog

Day 12 of a writer's blog

Some days I really feel like sleeping on the job. Unfortunately, when you’re a writer, you can do that. Just not write and get in the doldrums. It is very hard to self-motivate and keep on writing. This week, although I have written, it was only half a story, and I’m really hoping to finish it. I had it in my head for a while.
Anyway, some news! On monday, I got an acceptance. Yay! My acceptance was from Metrofiction. Again, I have to thank Melinda Moore of the Enchanted spark for pointing this site out to me. I sent them a story and barring some edits it was accepted. When it posts, I will link my blog to it. Unfortunately, I got a rejection also this week, for a snowman story I wrote for Happy Gnome publishing. He said he liked the dialogue but he was looking for more direct fantasy.
I sent in three things this week; one to Kids’Ark for their quietness theme, a poem to Fiction and Verse, and a story I had previously written to Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.
My thought for the day is: Write something every day, even if it is just a blog entry.

Day 11 of a writer’s blog

Day 11 of a writer's blog

I must admit that having my daughter’s dog and mine together did curb my writing a bit the last four days but I still managed to write one story and an article this week which, I have my fingers crossed, will have a good chance of publication. For other news on a down note, I got two rejections this week. One from Highlights telling me my plot wasn’t strong enough. I have rewritten this particular story four or five times in three different ways and still there is no success. Yet, I believe strongly in this story about dustbowl times, so I know I’m going to try it again. Wish me luck! My second rejection was from Shine Brightly on a shortlisted story. My shortlisted stories get rejected there about 80 percent of the time, so…
I have already sent in a story for this week to Kids’Ark, and I sent in two items last week, one to Guardian Angel Kids and one to Room Magazine.
My thought for the day is: Use rejections for fuel to write. Actually, I stole that one from Enchanted Spark. Thanks, Melinda!

day 10 of a writer’s blog

day 10 of a writer's blog

This is my end of the week update on my writing. I am very proud of myself. I have written three, count them, three stories this week. Of the three, I submitted two, one to Knowonder! who sadly rejected a story of mine this week, and one to Encounter, a teen Christian magazine. I also submitted a third story I had previously written but was unpubished to Encounter. So I am definitely up on my game. The third story I’ve written I know where I want to send it, but I haven’t done that yet. Next week! So, I had two rejections this week, one as stated from Knowonder! stating we will pass on this, and one that was actually rejected Oct. 29th but I somehow didn’t get the email from alphabet soup saying it wasn’t what they were looking for.
I had no acceptances. But I am good with that. I just keep trying. A word about Knowonder! they now have themes and unthemed writing needs. The one I submitted this time was for a theme on princesses and dragons.
Thought for the day: Writing is a skill never fully perfected. That’s why you have to keep working on it.

Day 9 of a writer’s blog

Day 9 of a writer's blog

Okay, this is my end of the week entry to update. This has been a fairly good week. I hold in my hot little hands two checks for writing I’ve done for $70. It’s exciting to be able to accomplish something and be rewarded. I’ve had two rejections this week, and one acceptance. That is still pretty good. I’ve submitted two items; one to Guardian angel kids, an article, which I also wrote this week, so I am writing again! yay! I have three ideas for other stories I need to get cracking on. I also submitted a story I wrote and submitted to other places. I rewrote it once and resubmitted it so I’m hoping this time it gets a goodresponse, but since I submitted it to Prairie Schooner and that’s a pretty prestigious magazine, I’m sure it’s wishful thinking. My thought for the day is: Bask in the rewards of writing when you get them.

day 8 of a writer’s blog

Well, today has gone better than yesterday.  I got a rejection, which makes two this week, from Tales of old, because my well-written story was too sad.  It is more sad now that it is rejected.  Also, I got a rejection from Contrary.  Also, yesterday, I found out that I would be penalized for not paying my per capita taxes even though I was only a few days past the Dec. 31st deadline, a stupid oversight on my part, putting things off.  Now, I have to wait until it goes into collection and pay it in February.   My husband let me know that now my check which I received from guide will only have a $10 surplus because the rest has to go toward my stupidity.  However, I received an acceptance today from Bread for God’s Children for a story I gave up on because I submitted it over a year ago.  That was an unexpected surprise!  So, my thought for today is Never give up!  You never know whether you’ll have success with a story.  I know I’ve sent some of mine repeatedly. 

Day 7 of a writer’s blog

Day 7 of a writer's blog

Here are some quick updates for this first week of the new year. I have returned to my submission process. I submitted to two places. The first was to Spellbound, a children’s fantasy ezine. The second was to Knowonder! which just recently opened again to submissions after a brief hiatus of a few months. Alas! I also got a rejection again this week from Cast of Wonders which I submitted to in July of last year. It was a long time to wait for a rejection. The rejection was one of the least personable I’ve ever been sent. It just said your status has changed. I was directed to submittable and it said “declined” not very nice, but such is often the publishing world. I’m not letting it get me down.
I haven’t returned to writing yet and hope I soon can get back into the swing of things as my puppy progresses into more reliable housebreaking. My thought for the day is Research before you submit. Hoping for good news soon.