Writing Wins and Woes: In Honor of Bunnies

Easter, pets and daddy 015 Yes, I know Easter is over but Easter got me to thinking about Easter bunnies. A good friend of mine wondered about why bunnies are associated with Easter, and I told her that as much as I know the concept of Easter bunnies is just a Spring thing like chicks and pretty Spring flowers.

When I was young I often got an Easter bunny for Easter. A real rabbit, that I never seemed to have very long. I also got many colored chicks. Some old folks might remember that chicks were dyed different pastel type colors at Easter and sold for careless children everywhere. They never lasted either. Usually, I ran them to death, I think. Animal rights activists didn’t exist when I was a kid so you could actually visit a zoo or be entertained at a circus, complete with circus elephants, without repercussion.

But today I’m paying tribute to my bunnies. They passed away some time ago, but I still miss them. Rabbits are great pets. They don’t bite. They are very soft and docile for the most part, and if you stick with the dwarf variety, they don’t even get very big. When I was a kid, you almost never kept a bunny in the house. He stayed in an outside cage but all my bunnies have been inside pets, and they actually were very loving and not very annoying, except the males loved to thump their back legs from time to time when they wanted something, like my female bunny in the other cage.

My favorite bunny was Honey Bunny. She was a beautiful little brown bunny, very sweet and loving. At the time we had her, we also had two other bunnies. One belonged to my son, Matthew and was named Raichu, named after a Pokemon. My husband called him Choo, Choo, because it sounded cuter, and the other was named Chester, who became Chessy. Chessy was actually found by my daughter’s dog, May. And so I called him May’s rabbit. May, a little shetland sheepdog, cornered Chessy in her yard, and when Melisa couldn’t find the owner, passed Chessy on to me. Chessy was a bit of an escape artist and was always getting out of his  play yard enclosure and was forever trying to make his way to Honey Bunny, which he once succeeded, resulting in a sad pregnancy. Sad because Honey Bunny was much too small for our bigger lop-eared Chessy, and so she delivered a dead baby bunny. She had a rather hard labor and almost died herself.  Sad as we were that the baby died, we were glad that Honey Bunny lived.  Our beautiful rabbits have long since gone to Bunny Heaven, but we were so thankful to have had them in our lives.



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