Writing Wins and Woes: Who Moved the Stone?

When I was in Bible college, I had to read a book by Frank Morrison titled Who Moved the Stone. It was a book detailing scientific and historical truth on the accuracy of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It was an interesting read. I never really questioned the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I always believed in the miracles of Christ without question. My doubts always centered around who was lost;  going to Hell, and who was saved; going to Heaven. It was easier to be dogmatic in my younger days, but as I got older, compassion got the best of me and I didn’t want to be so quick in deciding who belongs in Heaven and Hell. Now a days I leave the decision to God, and just try to find it in my heart to care about people. This is a concept that is not entirely easy for me as I’m a bit of a loner, and don’t really like society so much, but one on one I can deal with people in a compassionate way.

But back to Who Moved the Stone. Today is Good Friday. It’s the day we commemorate the death of Christ on the Cross. I struggle with the concept of Good Friday. It is good because Christ sealed my salvation on the day He died and yet it is bad because the world turned against Christ on that day. They subjected him to unimaginable torture, ridicule and murder in one of the most horrible deaths of the day. A person actually dies from suffocation but it is a long and grueling process. To hasten death normally on the cross, a person’s legs are broken, so he can’t heave himself up to breathe. They didn’t have to do that to Christ because he was already dead at this time in the process. He was already dead because he willingly gave up his life. He struggled to the point that He had to and then He let go into the arms of His father. He suffered separation from His father, though, before that because He carried our sins. They did test His state of living or dead by piercing his side with a spear. When blood and water run out, they know the person is dead.

I was offended this week when I heard this day referred to as Spring Black Friday. Wow, I thought, another way to commercialize a religious holiday but really, this day was a true Black Friday for Christ. He suffered so much. I know who moved the stone. God the Father did in someway. Maybe he sent His angels to move it when they proclaimed his resurrection. Jesus didn’t need to move it. He had a new body that could go through walls and fly away to Heaven. Yes, it is a Good Friday. Without this dark day in history, there would be no Easter Sunday, no resurrection day. The stone was moved. Jesus is risen. Hallelujah!


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