Writing Wins and Woes:Movies and TV Shows I Love and Hate

This is more of a fun blog, because I couldn’t really think of a topic I wanted to write about.  Recently I’ve been perusing a lot of movies and TV and I shouldn’t be. Writers never should because it takes time away from writing. Yet, it’s so easy to watch stuff now with all the different ways of streaming stuff. Also, I love going to movies at a theater. Seeing a movie on the big screen is still magical to me. My husband and I have two favorite theaters. One is the Allen in Annville, PA. If you are from the area we live and have never been there, you should go. This theater is beautiful and reminiscent of old time theaters. They have an organ, red velvet curtains and an adjoining coffee shop. It’s a great theater to see movies in. We recently saw La La Land there. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should. It’s a musical and it’s very old school, much like the musicals of the 1950’s. If you love old movies, particularly musicals like Carousel, Oklahoma, State Fair and many others, you will love this movie. It’s getting a lot of hype and it deserves it. Ryan Gosling who stars in the movie, learned to play jazz piano just for this movie and I think his piano playing is amazing.

I also love a lot of TV shows. I am a big fan of murder documentaries. It seems a funny thing to watch but I love ID channel and one of my favorite shows is  about missing people. This show is called Disappeared, and hardly ever ends well.  One documentary I recently watched was on HBO and it was recommended by another writer friend, and it’s very well done. It’s called Beware of Slenderman. If you have never heard of Slenderman, I’m not surprised. Neither had I. Apparently he’s a fictitious character from Creepy Pasta, which is an internet website, who preys on kids. He’s tall, wears a suit and is faceless and if you do his bidding, he’ll let you live with him in a mansion full of other creeps like you. The Slenderman documentary is about two young girls who stabbed their friend to get Slenderman’s approval. The story defies imagination. Watch it if you can.

Okay, lastly, here’s a movie I loved to hate. I love creepy stuff as you can see. I recently watched a movie called The Visit. This movie came out in 2015 and is a M. Night Shyamalan  movie. I like his movies but of course, none have matched Sixth Sense. This movie is about two kids who go to visit their grandparent’s house in PA. This movie is entertaining, I grant you, but undeniably stupid. Here are some nonsensical things about the movie.

  1. There is no cell phone reception at Grandma’s house. Okay, I’ll buy that, but why then is there Skype reception? And it’s crystal clear. I skype pretty much every week with my daughter in Iowa and the Skype reception is as crappy as can be. I just can’t accept this.
  2. Apparently there is no 911 either. When the kids finally tell their mom over Skype that they are in danger, the Mom calls the police. The line is busy at the police station. The police arrive only after the kids have to save themselves. Apparently nobody heard of 911 in this movie.
  3. The kids are going to stay with grandparents they have never seen in person or even seen a photograph of. This will become very important in the movie. ha. This is very difficult to fathom. Sorry kids. I don’t own a picture of my parents. Never have. Never will.
  4.  The kids are sent off by themselves to visit said grandparents. What? No exchange of secure hands? Are you kidding? You’re entrusting your kids to people they’ve never seen without a trusted person to ensure their safety.
  5. The kids stay the whole week. ha ha. The grandparents get creepier and creepier but hey, let’s stick it out. Old people are weird, right? Uh, not that weird. They don’t ordinarily stand around buck naked clawing the walls. A little spoiler alert there.

I’ll give this movie a B minus for its surprise ending. I didn’t see it coming. But for all other purposes, this movie does not supply the credulity it needs to satisfy watchers.


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