Writing Wins and Woes: Why do writers quit?

I’ve been writing for a few years now to get published, and during this time I’ve seen quite a few writers quit along the way. It made me ponder the theme question, why did they quit writing? What is it about writing, though so beneficial to the soul, also is depressing and discouraging? I came up with a few answers.

  1. They never or rarely ever are able to be published. Why is this? Lots of reasons. They’re not good enough. They need to perfect their skills. They are writing to the wrong audience. They are writing to a wrong genre. They are applying too high in the field. What does this mean? They are trying to get into more prestigious magazines in the beginning that are more designed for known and experienced writers. They don’t edit enough. I could go on and on  but I won’t.
  2. They have low sales for their books. Why is this? Many reasons. Books don’t sell because they aren’t that good, they’ve had bad reviews, they’re not reaching out to enough people, people don’t know the author so they don’t buy the books, and some of the above reasons for number one as well.
  3. They get jobs. This has been a big detriment to me. When I first started writing, I didn’t work. I was a home maker. I had oodles of time to write. Then I had to face the music. I needed more money, and my kids grew up so I got a part time job and now I have two part time jobs, trying to shy away from full time work. Honestly I believe if I worked full time I’d probably rarely write. Working drains energy and it makes you want to play after you’re done, not work some more.
  4. Writing is a passing fad. Let’s face it. Writing is fun for a while, like painting. It can be a hobby and that’s nice, but once the thrill is gone, it’s easy to want to quit. One has to be dedicated to write seriously. It’s not that much fun really. It’s hard work.
  5. They have some early success and then failure. This is one I’ve dealt with personally. I did much better in the early days than I am doing now. Here I am a more experienced, more published writer, but I’m still in the novice position of writing. Why? Because I am staying with easier publishing places instead of moving on to higher ground. That’s because I lack confidence and skill to reach that goal. That’s a hurdle I have to jump yet.
  6. They are not making money. This could fall under the same category as not making sales, but the point is the same. Money makes the world go round. Money is a reward for a job well done. It’s more than paying the bills. It’s saying “I’m a good writer because I can make money at this.” Not many writers can say that, though.

I’m sure there are many more reasons for why writers quit but these are some I have found to be true. Let me know if you can think of some more. Maybe it would be more advantageous to write a blog on reasons to keep going as a writer. It takes dedication to be a writer. Don’t quit for any reason.


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