Writing Wins and Woes: Tooting the Horn of a Little Known Writer

Once a month, I really would like to focus on a writer I really like. I am very eccentric in my writing tastes. Sometimes I like teen fantasy, children’s books; especially if they’re classics, classic literature, science fiction, anything literary, Christian fiction, etc. I really like a variety of books. A little gem that I discovered from frequenting book sales is a writer named Miss Read.

Miss Read is a pen name. Her real name is Dora Saint. I love Miss Read books. She writes about village schools in England from the long ago time. This is a time where all the kids schooled together in one room classrooms. At this time there were actually two classrooms, one for babies, they call them which would be the littlest ones, and the older group of ones able to read and write. But Miss Read is more than about the chronicles of school life. Her books focus on the peculiar personalities of village folk, from the parson to the gossipy neighbors.

My favorite character in the Miss Read books is Mrs. Pringle, who is the school custodian. Being a school custodian myself, I love when she complains about the children muddying up her freshly clean floors, or her daily aches and pains, brought about by her persistent efforts to spit shine everything she touches while she shares all the goings on of the village with Miss Read.

If you peruse the bibliography of Miss Read books, you’ll find that she has authored about 50 or more books in her lifetime. She lived to a ripe old age and wrote for most of those years. Her books are serialized, and if you’ve read one, you’ll want to read more. My besties are the Fairacre series, which center around a single lady school teacher named, of course, Miss Read. There is also the Thrush Green series, and some novels that were written by her also. I’ve really enjoyed everything she’s written.

These books are gems. But if you’re into the more action packed type books, don’t read these books. They are for people who like little folksy anecdotes, and a chuckle every now and then. They are perfect books for people who like to read right before they go to bed. This is my favorite time to read Miss Read.



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