Writing Wins and Woes: Revamping

As I so often do in my blog, I’ve looked over my progress and goals for the last year, and I’m renewing my efforts to write again. I have to admit I’ve floundered miserably the last few months in my writing. To be perfectly blunt, the only writing I’ve been doing since October has been my weekly blogs. You may have noticed that my blogs have gotten progressively more informational/personal. That’s because I had no progress to report because I wasn’t writing. Some of this is understandable. I had a rough year. Refer to my last blog. I had an injury. My mom got cancer. My boss died, increasing my work hours. But these are all excuses and I don’t want to blame everything on circumstances. You make time for what you want to do in life, and I chose to focus more on family, and I’m not sure that’s all bad.

So, how did I do last year?

  1. Three submissions a month. I didn’t achieve this goal. I had 20 submissions for the year, which is a little less than two submissions a month. Only two months did I actually make this goal; March, where I had three submissions and August, where I had four. From October-December there were 0 submissions. So, It’s probably amazing I made 20 submissions last year.
  2.  Finish my novel. No, I did not achieve this goal either. I didn’t finish my novel. I almost finished it but not quite.
  3. Read 20 books, two of them writing books. I did not read any writing books. However, I did read 22 books, so I did accomplish that goal, sort of.
  4. Re-evaluate publishing my book. Since I didn’t finish it, that was put on hold, too.
  5. Write 4-5 hours a week. This is a hard one. I can’t even begin to figure out how I would be able to be accountable to this goal because I didn’t keep track of my writing hours. This goal definitely needs to be changed so I can track my writing.

New Goals for 2017

  1. 25 submissions this year. I’m changing my monthly goals to yearly ones because this is easier to attempt and I can work at it when I feel the most inspired and when I have the most time to do it.
  2. Finish my novels. I have two and I want to finish both of them this year. I mean really finish at least the rough drafts of them.
  3. Read 40 books. I think I can do this goal because I now listen to audio books at work on my kindle. I have more time to read now.
  4. Write a story or a chapter every week. I’m not going to care if they’re good or not. I’m working on practice and I need the practice.
  5. Publish my children’s book, even if I have to do it myself. We’ll see about that one. I’ve been “hankering after” this goal for years.

Here are my goals and here I go. Wish me luck, everyone and God speed.


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