Writing Wins and Woes: Strange Flowers

This is the final edition of my unpublishable  publishings. I’ve enjoyed sharing these little articles with you, but next week starts a new month, and I’m anxious to move on. Because November is the month of Thanksgiving, I’m going to do blogs on things I am thankful for. Tune in and find out.

This edition is about strange and exotic flowers you probably never heard of. Forget Venus Fly Trap or flowers with funny names like Jack in the Pulpit, these flowers are even stranger than what you could imagine.

Strange Flowers

By Shari L Klase

What is the world is a Rafflesia Arnoldii? Believe it or not, it is the largest flower on Earth. This strange flower is nicknamed, “The Corpse Flower”. It is three feet across and weighs nearly 15 pounds. It has huge orange petals dotted with white splotches, making it look almost prehistoric. What’s worse, it smells like rotting flesh. This disturbing smell draws in carrion flies which pollinate the flower. It blooms in the Rainforest for only five days.

If you think that’s weird, how about a flower that wilts immediately if you even lay a finger on it? This plant is called Touch-Me-Not. It has dainty pink flowers and fern-like leaves. Although it will droop if you touch it, the leaves spring back in a few minutes. Because the leaves fold in some varieties, some are called “Prayer Plants”. No one knows why Touch-Me-Not does this but some think it discourages grazing animals from eating it. This interesting plant is native to Central and South America but now it grows lots of places including the United States. You can even grow your own. For more information on owning one, check out ticklemeplant.com.

Flowers are supposed to smell good, right? Well, the Skunk Cabbage doesn’t. This stinky flower grows in the wetlands of eastern North America and smells like its name. This flower resembles a gourd containing several tiny flowers. It can also make its own heat just like a warm blooded mammal, which allows it to melt through snow. Like the Corpse Flower, it attracts carrion pollinators.

What is the tallest flower in the world? It is called Amorphophallus Titanium. That’s a mouthful. This flower grows up to ten feet tall. It’s rare to see one because it grows in Sumatra and takes about six years to open. If you want a chance to see one, the Botanical Gardens in San Marino, California and also in Northampton, Massachusetts both have this unusual plant on display.

Did you know there is a strange flower that is poisonous? This plant is called The Voodoo Lily and it grows in Europe. It is a beautiful purple flower that draws in flies with its smelly odor, but because of its poisonous taste, animals keep away from it.

There are many strange flowers in the world. Some are tall, some are wide, and many are stinky and some you can even grow yourself.1274


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