Writing Wins and Woes: The X Files

You thought this blog was going to be all about aliens. Sorry to disappoint you. While I love science fiction and all things supernatural, this blog isn’t about any of that. It’s about some articles that I wasn’t able to publish. I try every month to submit something to Guardian Angel Kids and sometimes they just don’t make it in the ezine. This past month I submitted an article about pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns and I thought with Halloween fast approaching, it would be a good time to publish it myself on my blog. One nice thing about having a blog. If I don’t get it published where I want, I’ll just publish it myself. ha ha.

So, in the upcoming weeks, you’ll be hearing more of those “lost” articles; not quite publishable.

The Legend of Jack

By Shari L Klase

What’s big and orange, grows around Halloween and makes an excellent canvas for spooky faces? A turnip right? Or maybe a gourd? How about a potato? Wait a minute. That doesn’t make sense, does it? But actually, this is how our Halloween Jack O’ Lanterns began.

Carving gourds or turnips started in the Middle Ages in Europe and was used to scare away evil spirits. At first the gourds were containers for fire, because a raging bonfire was dangerous and not easy to carry around as protection, but eventually the gourds began to take the shape of the spirits themselves.

However, when these people came to America, gourds and turnips were hard to find so they turned to carving pumpkins, which were all over the place.

The Jack O’ Lantern comes from an Irish story about Stingy Jack. Jack had a drink with the Devil but didn’t want to pay for it so he talked the Devil into changing himself into a coin to pay for the drinks. But Jack was so greedy he kept the coin in his pocket next to a cross so the Devil couldn’t change back into himself. He set the Devil free eventually after he made him promise never to take his soul. However, when Jack died, God didn’t want such a crooked character in Heaven and the Devil didn’t want him either so Jack was forced to roam the Earth with a burning coal. Jack put the coal in a carved out turnip and he became Jack of the Lantern or Jack O’ Lantern.800


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