Writing Wins and Woes: Back to School with Writing; Writers in their right minds

Lefties are the only ones in their right minds is a saying that stems from the fact that left handed people use the right side of their brains more. My first experience knowing I was different was not a positive one. When I started school, I had a very old-school teacher. She decided that my being left-handed was wrong, and so made it her goal to break me of it. She wrote right and left on my hands so I would use the so-called “right” right hand to write with. My mom, on seeing this, to her credit, confronted my teacher who said “I don’t know how to teach a left-handed student.” Well, my mom let her know this was her job, and she better learn how to do it. I had no more trouble after that, although I often got only average grades in handwriting, where I mostly excelled at other subjects; except Math, but that’s another story for another nightmare.

I recently discovered that our current president, Barack Obama is a Lefty. That made me wonder how many other presidents were left-handed. It’s interesting because it’s hard to know. Like my experience in school, others have been “broken” of their handedness. Being left-handed was once named as a disability and people learned to write with their right hands who were naturally inclined to be left-handed. However, of the last seven presidents, 4 were left-handed. That’s well above the average. In case you’re wondering, they are our current president, Clinton, the elder Bush and Gerald Ford. It also has been reported that Reagan was broke from left-handedness to his right hand, so possibly five of seven were left handed. Wow!

Why is this? Well, lefties apparently are divergent thinkers. They excel in the arts, sports, music and information technology fields. They are good at things where opponents face each other. Maybe because we lefties tend to think outside the box, we go for “unique” careers.  Whatever the reason, there are a lot of talented lefties around. Of course, I had to find out the writers who were lefties. Here’s my list: James Baldwin, Peter Benchley, Lewis Carroll, Dianne Paul, H G Wells, Eudora Welty, among others. Also one of my favorite people of all time, who deserves a blog post of her own, Helen Keller,  was a lefty.

Are there any other lefties out there? I’d like to hear from you. We might be out in left field, but we’re always in our right minds. 1280


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