Writing Wins and Woes: Direction

I’m not very good with direction. I once visited the home of a bus kid from our church, and tried to leave the house via the closet. I’m known for veering off to wrong exits on highways because I followed the car ahead of me. I don’t know whether the place I’m going to is “up” or “down”. If there is a hill in the way of my going there, it’s always up, or a slope, it’s “down”. A map is useless to me. The best thing ever invented on the phone was GPS, and I can even get lost using that. Luckily, it re-routes itself.

I want to go a new direction on this blog. I love writing themes and starting in September which is next week, I want to explore a new writing theme of some kind. If I still have some readers out there, I’m open for suggestions. Themes in the past I have done were: Writing Recluses, Spring Cleaning the Writing Life and Mothers. I’ve also done some small holiday themes. Here’s some ideas I have for themes: Writing Fairy Tales, Juggling the Family with your Writing, What kind of author am I?, Back to School with Writing. Let me know if any of these themes catches your fancy. Otherwise, I’ll probably just pick one.

I’m very happy with my progress this week. I didn’t write a whole lot, but I wrote an article for a deadline at the end of the month, and submitted a fairy tale, also on a deadline. I was very pleased with the value of the work I did. In other words, I liked what I wrote. Sometimes I don’t like what I write as much.

It was my first week back on second shift but my husband was on vacation and we were trying to fit in some electrical work on the house, so it was hard to find time to get writing stuff in. So I’m glad I got anything done. Next week, I’m back to a schedule of trying to write every week day. Have a great writing week.13895200_10102107096314122_9099884758137303723_n


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