Writing Wins and Woes: Writers and Babies

This is kind of a humorous piece. You have to keep laughing if you’re a writer. Otherwise, you’d be depressed a good deal of the time.  I’ve called this edition of my blog Writers and Babies or What do Writers and Babies have in common?

  1. They cry a lot. Let’s face it, babies have to cry. They need to make their needs known so they can be fed, changed or just entertained. Writers cry a lot, too, over all the rejections, disillusions and dysfunctions of the writing life. It’s sad, it’s solitary and it’s disappointing a lot of the time.
  2. They need changes. This goes without saying in babies, doesn’t it? ha ha. But if a writer doesn’t change, he doesn’t move forward. They get stuck, and they don’t go anywhere.
  3. They need to progress from babyhood to adulthood. If I stayed with short stories as a writer, I’d be a fabulous short story writer, I suppose, but I wouldn’t be much of an author. Writers needs to write books, not just stories. Stories are nice. Books are better. A writer can also write and write and write and never submit something for publication. That’s fear talking. I know it well. Those are all things baby writers do. Adult writers have to be brave and grow.
  4. They need attention. Babies love attention, whether they have real needs or they are just bored. If a writer doesn’t get attention, nobody reads their books, they don’t sell books and their writing career fizzles.
  5. They need experts to help them. Well, this one is a stretch, because the experts can be parents or they can be doctors, child help books, grandparents(notice how I slipped that one in).  Writers also need experts to help them. It may be another writer who is more successful, a fresh pair of eyes to read their work, or a  publisher.
  6. They need reassurances. Babies need to be oohed and ahhed and patted on the back and held and swayed and rocked, etc. etc. They need lots of positive reinforcement. So do writers. If writers don’t get this kind of support, they give up, they get discouraged, and they quit writing.
  7. Writers are most happy when they’re needs are met. And by needs, I mean wants. Writers are happiest of all, overjoyed even, when they sell a book, a story or an article. When someone says, I read your thing, and I really liked it. So, you’re a writer and you’re kind of like a baby, that’s okay. People love you. Someday you’ll grow up and it’ll be worth all the fuss.laughing miles

4 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: Writers and Babies”

  1. Of course we are like babies “) It’s drummed into us (writers) that we need to be primal. Relate to that which effects most of us at a primal level and we are half way there! And like babies, we do get annoyed when our needs are met. It’s what fuels as to work harder to be noticed 🙂

    1. I think in general adults have trouble “adulting” especially in this generation. There’s a feeling of I work, I deserve this or that. But with writing, it’s more than being deserving. You can work really hard and not be noticed because of lack of talent, refined skills or just not having the proper name or connections. It can be frustrating, and sometimes makes you want to cry. lol.

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