Writing Wins and Woes: Small Successes

Right now I am trying for small successes. I realized while replying to another blog lately that my writing successes were much higher in 2014 and have been in decline since then. What’s the difference? Well, for one thing I am writing a whole lot less. For another I am submitting a good deal less as well. Some of my original writing avenues have gone defunct, but in times past when that would happen, I’d find other means and ways to submit to places. I’ve had some emotional setbacks as well. Something akin to depression over empty nesting. It just didn’t set well with me.

When my world was turned topsy turvy two years ago, I re-evaluated my life. I began to think maybe writing wasn’t as important as family and frankly, does anybody even say frankly anymore?- well, it just took a lot of the joy away from my writing that I had before. I began to believe that all the writing successes in the world wouldn’t make me happy when I didn’t have the person in my life who made living worthwhile.

I’ve since had to move on. I had no choice. I didn’t want to move on. In many ways, I still don’t, but getting that old writing drive back has been no easy task. I lost the “oomph” if that’s a word. In other words, I lost hope.

So, I strive for small successes now. Any success is a big success if I’m enjoying what I’m doing and taking some kind of steps to re-invent myself. I have Guardian Angel Kids to keep me going. In some ways, that ezine has saved my writing sanity. I so like writing for kids and exploring the new topics for the stories and articles.  That said I have a brand new story in the August edition if you want to check it out. The theme is pets with disabilities.

What do I want to achieve most with my writing? I’d have to say getting my children’s book published. I hope I can do that someday. Until then I’ll move on with my small successes.melisa strolling Miles

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