Writing Wins and Woes: I Finished Something.

I think we’re probably about two-thirds through what is my summer because summer ends for me when school is back in session and I finally finished something. Yay! I did write a few articles over the summer for GAK but I’ve been working on a real story for a while and yesterday I finally finished it. It may need some fine tuning and it needs to be typed and submitted but it is written. I’m still so old school that I  often write my stories in a notebook. I can just write my story on a laptop but I like the feel of paper and pen. It’s just a preference for me.

Finishing things does not come easy for anybody. Starting projects is fun but after a while they can get boring or not work out the way we had hoped. Also, I tend to overthink. Well, this will probably be rejected anyway. Nobody will want to read it. It sounds kind of weird. When I was writing it, I thought it was great but now that I’m re-reading it, it’s kind of lame. On and On. I really do beat myself up quite a bit.

I really have to look back at what I’ve accomplished so far to spur me on to the next step. Our church has that motto: taking your next step. We all need to do that. Take the next step. We don’t have to make a giant leap, just a step.

Next week I will again be MIA. I am taking a little half week break to stay with my dear daughter and beloved grandson. Be back in two weeks. Until then, finish something.Miles smiling



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