Writing Wins and Woes: Dog Days of Summer

I have to admit I get a little disenchanted with my writing this time of year. I’m not sure why. It’s summer. I want to be out and about doing fun things, not cooped up in the house writing. Not to mention that it’s hot, and it tends to drain my energy. Yes, I have air conditioning in the house, but after a long day’s work, I just don’t feel much like writing.

There’s a lot of reasons why summer just doesn’t seem to fill me with motivation. So I decided to list some motivational tools to help others who are going through the same thing.

  1. Start a brand new project. Sometimes the old projects get boring, so a new endeavor can spur you on to write.
  2. Use the five minute plan. I’ve talked about this before. Decide to write for five minutes. If you are still motivated, write for five more minutes.
  3. Journal. Here’s another thought I’ve harped on before. If you don’t have a story you feel like writing or adding to, just write your thoughts down. It may motivate you to write other things, and it’s good practice.
  4. Reward yourself. Decide on a special treat after you’ve finished writing. Then give yourself some pats on the back. Rewards work with kids and adults.
  5. Go somewhere specifically to write. Sometimes a change of scenery can start the creative juices flowing.
  6. Free yourself from distractions. Don’t answer your cell. Don’t open the door. Don’t check facebook. Shut the door and write. Don’t even throw the ball to the dog. (I have that problem when I’m sitting down to write.)
  7.  Write a whole story in one sitting. Challenge yourself. I know this sounds hard but you really get a sense of achievement when you finish something. Try not to stop until the story is done. Work on fine tuning later.
  8. Add a chapter. Add just one chapter to the novel you are currently working on. It’s forward progress and it feels good.
  9. Write something completely different than you usually write. Again, it’s fresh and fun and you might be surprised that you actually like writing in a new kind of way.
  10.  Practice whenever you can. Read a news story. Write about it. Watch something on tv. Write about it. Read a book. Write about it. These projects are actual things. They are called book and movie reviews and editorials. They are fun and helpful to developing your writing skills. Even try writing a review on a product you bought on Amazon or a recipe you liked.             There you go. Take one or all or make up your own. Just write.019

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