Writing Wins and Woes: A Letter to my Dad

Easter, pets and daddy 001
When I was thinking about doing a new series for June, I was batting some stuff around in my head and thought, “Duh, you just did Mother’s Day, what about Father’s day?”

I wanted to start out my series with a similar letter to my dad. When I thought about doing this, I thought, my relationship with my dad is complicated. It’s complicated because most of my growing up years I didn’t have a father in my life. My parents separated when I was six, and reunited when I was 16. Also, for much of my life I didn’t even have contact with him at all. But life dramatically changed for us when my Mom and I became Christians and started going to church. We both forgave my dad for things that happened in the past and God did a miracle. He allowed us all to become a family again. So, before I steal anymore of my thunder, here is my letter to my dad.

Dear Dad,

I don’t remember much about you when I was little. I remember our tiny apartment we lived in, and my room and my stuffed animals but I don’t remember you very well from those days.  They were days of a lot of turmoil and sadness and I’m glad I don’t remember those days. The Bible says when we become Christians, the old things go away and all things become new, and that’s what happened for me and you.

The old, hurtful things are no longer a part of my life. God washed those memories away and allowed us to have new ones. So now, this is what I remember. I remember all the walks we took together and still take together with the dogs. Sometimes it’s just down to the river. Sometimes it’s on a trail, but wherever we go we talk about things. I never got to share my life with you before. Now I can.

I remember all the times you spent with my children. Sometimes that hurt because I didn’t get to spend those times with you, but mostly it felt good. I loved watching the way you hugged my kids, played with them and loved them. They had and still have a special relationship with their papaw.

I remember all the things we did together as a family. I didn’t have the opportunity to do those things with you when I was a child, but now I do. We made trips to Knoebles, where we sat and watched the Mahoney Brothers sing. We went to zoos, which we both love. We do shopping trips together. I don’t dwell on what I didn’t have. Why should I? Some people had childhood memories and then they stop. I have memories now that keep on going. I have my dad, that I thought I’d never have.

You changed. That’s what I remember most about you. You let God in and you threw the devil out. You stopped letting alcohol be who you are, and let God decide who you’d be. When I was born, you were my biological father, but now you’re my dad. I love you for allowing me to see that God can change a life. Because when you became one of God’s own, you didn’t just change your life, you changed mine.

I love you forever,



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