Writing Wins and Woes: How Mothering Helps You Be a Better Writer

Last week’s blog was kind of on the negative side, so I wanted to make this final edition of the writing mothers blogs be more upbeat. There’s so many good sides to being a mom. Yes, it’s hard work. Yes, you have to go through pregnancy and labor to get there. Yes, it’s exhausting and time consuming. Yes, it’s expensive. Wait a second. Didn’t I say I was going to list the positives of being a writing mom. And I am.

Here’s my list of How mothering helps you to be a more creative writer.

  1. Mothering gives you more and greater life experiences. Ask a mother and she’ll give you stories. Motherhood is all about stories. The stories you can tell, and the stories the kids tell you. Not to mention all the great events you share with your kids. Having kids means tragedy and triumph. All those things spell stories.
  2. Mothering teaches you patience. Moms are often known to say, “I’m on my last nerve.” But in truth, you learn patience as you mother a child. You need patience and lots of it to be a writer. Books take a long time to write. They take an even longer time to publish, if you ever get to publish a book or even a short story. It takes patience.
  3. Mothering gives you hope. Mothers know that all good things happen in time. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but in time, good things will happen. This is true for writing, too. Good things will happen eventually. Wait and see.
  4. Mothering gives you a sense of humor. Suddenly a baby with a face full of cake is a blessing. It never was before, was it? But you’re a mother, and you love to see your child happy and enjoying things. Motherhood is a life full of funny events. Not all the time, mind you, but a lot of the time, and it’s best to see the humor in things. Humor can make that rejection in writing bearable particularly if they said it was the most awful thing they’ve ever read. Laugh about it. After all, you can improve, or you can send that story to someone who can appreciate it.
  5. Mothering gives you people to share your writing with; to talk about writing with. I have a daughter who writes. Some of my best experiences were sharing stories with her and her sharing stories with me. A child is a built in audience. They have to listen to you or no supper. Ha ha. Your child loves you and loves to hear you read to them. Read them a story that you wrote.
  6. Mothering makes you more diligent in the time you do have. Endless amounts of time to write is nice, but sometimes wasted. Knowing you only have “x” amount of time makes you apply yourself more to your writing. It builds discipline.
  7. Mothering keeps you from being isolated/antisocial. Writers tend to be hermits. I did a whole series on this. But when you have a child, you arrange play dates, field trips, birthday events, etc. At these places, you meet people. It’s a win, win situation. You might even get an idea to write about at these places from these people.
  8. Motherhood gives you a reason for living and to keep living. I think writers can be depressed people. Writing can be depressing. You don’t get a lot of good news and you do get a lot of bad news. It can wear you down. Being a Mom gives your life a new purpose. That zest for life can transfer into your writing. Ta-da! Motherhood is beneficial for writers. I just proved it. 1117

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