Writing Wins and Woes: Writing and Mothering

Is it possible to be a writer and a mother? Well, of course. Lots of writers are. However, it is very challenging. As any busy mom knows, mothering is a full time job. Add to that in most cases, moms have full time jobs to go along with the full time job of mothering. If a mom is lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, it’s still almost impossible to write, especially in the early years of being a mom. Just keeping up with the mothering essentials, housework, cooking, etc eats up all the time and when a mom does have a few minutes to spare, she normally crashes out on the sofa for a nap or popcorn and a movie.

In the later years, after the kids are in school, a mom might have more time but it’s often spent running the kids to extracurricular activities, such as sports, dance, lessons of some sort, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, the list goes on and on. How can you possibly be a mom and write?

Here’s some tips:

  1. Write when you can. Sylvia Plath, the modern poet and novel writer of her day, wrote in the middle of the night. Busy moms are often up at night. So take advantage of those non sleeping moments and write. Write a few minutes while they are napping, or at school, or at breaks at work. Whenever you can. Writing takes dedication and it’s hard work, but five or ten minute snatches can accomplish a lot.
  2. Schedule some you writing time. Get a baby sitter; aka dad, grandma, paid sitter and grab the laptop and drive to Starbucks or a bookstore or the local library. Wherever you like to write best. Even the park if nature is your muse. Just an hour or two doing this helps you recharge your batteries and get some writing work done.
  3. In the summers when the kids are home, write together. Give the kids their own notebooks, or laptops and tell them to write a story. A mom can have her own writer’s group in her very own house. If they don’t want to write, have them paint or do a craft while you write.
  4. Set your clock for a half hour earlier every day and write. This is for the morning persons out there. Coffee can do wonders for the writing mind. Write before anyone else is up. It’s quiet and peaceful. This doesn’t work for everyone but will work for some.
  5. Keep a journal. I harp on this a lot. There are times when I am just too fatigued to write creatively. But I want to keep my writing in practice, so I journal. Journal about your life. Journal about your kids. Journal about your job. Whatever you want to write about. Just keep writing. Hope this encourages you to keep writing whatever stage of life you are in.

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