Writing Wins and Woes: Spring Cleaning your Writing Life Part 2

Part Two of Spring Cleaning your Writing Life is about Listing. I clean for a living. I was talking to a co-worker about this and mentioned that everybody thinks that you love cleaning if you clean for a job. Not so. I hate cleaning. I only do the basics at home and I find it very unappealing. For one thing it never gets truly done. You clean something and it gets dirty right away again. You do dishes and someone makes another dish dirty. I find it frustrating because it is never finished, and I like to see things finished. In this way I like my cleaning job better because when I’m done with a room, it’s finished. I cleaned it. The bathrooms like bright and shiny and the desks are clean and the paper’s all picked up and nobody is going to mess it up again until the next time I work.

What I like about cleaning is organizing. I love to organize things. You’d never know it if you saw my house, but I live with a clutterer, so I have a pass. Part of organizing is making lists. I don’t know if you are a list maker. I make lists sometimes if I really want to accomplish things, but often lately I don’t find myself even having the spare time to make a list, but with writing, I think it is good sometimes to make a check list.

When I talk about a check list, I’m not talking about a bucket list. My bucket list has grandiose things on it, like publish a book, have my own book signing, etc etc. This is just a list to keep moving forward writing wise. My list for this week is four day increments. That’s because I’m working so much lately. One day a week I do two jobs. I can’t write that day and weekends I have to do all the stuff I don’t do during the week. Like grocery shop. Or fun things. Or like this weekend, help my daughter with moving stuff. My spring and summer is going to be busy. I’m transitioning to full time work, (probably) and I’m expecting a grandchild.  I’m very excited because my life is going to change. I’m also nervous because my life is going to change.

I digress. My four day list looks like this: Day One: Write a Daily Science Fiction worthy story. Day Two: Write more on my novel about eternal winter. Day Three: Write more on my novel about Heaven. Day Four: Edit and finish my One Life to Live story. I’m going to try to implement these lists into my writing life and see how it goes. I spoke about baby steps the last few weeks. Progress can be short and sweet as long as there is progress. 1606


8 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: Spring Cleaning your Writing Life Part 2”

  1. I like your story on cleaning. It’s amazing how we can be good at something and hate it Or do it for a job and suck at doing it for ourselves.

    You do seem to love writing as your goals show. I love it too but I don’t have the internal direction that you seem to have.

    I look forward to more of your stuff. Following you now 🙂

  2. The woes of cleaning. I have slipped. Other than the kitchen and main living area. Natural to clean. I really hate the toilets! LOL I’m slipping on vacuuming. I love lists and I love organizing. The deep cleaning bites. LOL Great post!

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