Writing Wins and Woes: Spring Cleaning your Writing Life

This has been a fun week. Dripping sarcasm. Besides dealing with extra hours at work and doing twice as much work in those extra hours, I was sick. Saturday which was also the funeral day for my boss at work who unexpectedly died last week, was also the day that I got the flu. Although, I wrote Friday for the five minute challenge. I was down for the count all day Saturday after the funeral. Sunday I felt some better but still didn’t write and Monday I felt crummy again. Finally, Tuesday I wrote an article and Weds. I researched for another article. Thursday, I worked two jobs and didn’t write.  Today, I will write. I am writing here and will write some more, even if it is just journaling.

Besides this, I almost had a major melt down at work due to the added stress of having to do too much work with too little time. I kept it in check, though, and just told myself “Just shut up and do your job.” Things aren’t right, but there is nothing I can do about it. Being sick isn’t helping my attitude right now.

So, I thought I’d do a little series for the rest of April on Spring Cleaning your Writing Life. Spring Cleaning your closets is something some people do to get rid of stuff they haven’t worn in a while. I was thinking about this idea applied to writing of getting rid of the things that bog down your writing life. I’ve come up with a few purges that might help you if you’re struggling with writing.

  1. Do a Facebook cleansing. Some people are into cleansing. Cleaning out the body of toxic stuff, so they do a cleansing. I don’t do this but I know that I waste way too much time on Facebook. So to encourage your writing juices, stay off of Facebook for a set amount of time; say a week, or two or even a month. Apply that time to writing.
  2. Set a small goal for a limited amount of time. Last week I started this with the five minute challenge. But don’t beat yourself up if you fail a day or two. Things happen. Just jump back in the game the next day. Increase the challenge weekly. Keep yourself accountable.
  3. Lenten your life. Some people give up something for Lent. Even when it’s not Lent, give up something, then replace that something with writing. (This could be a t.v. show, a newspaper time, or even something that is not fun like cleaning. I’m always happy to give up cleaning something for a week. Nothing terrible will happen, trust me if you don’t clean for a week.)
  4. Reorganize a writing atmosphere. I was thinking about doing this. My writing area is normally the kitchen table which is full of clutter. Right now, it has napkins, salt and pepper, the coffeepot, my husband’s meds, my tea, etc. You get the picture. Make a nice, cozy spot to write in. Make it appealing. Put a scented candle there, some special pictures, inspirational words or whatever. Make it appealing. Half the battle of writing is making it attractive. My kitchen table is not attractive. It is cluttered, and it makes it distracting to write.
  5. Have accountability. I talked about this before. Melinda Moore has Spark Tally nearly every week where a writer can record how many words they write or what they write. Join in. Or find another buddy to fess up to; maybe another writer friend. Being consistent is important with writing. Once you get out of the habit, it’s hard to get back in. So, these are some tips for Spring Cleaning. Hope they’re helpful.0703151114

4 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: Spring Cleaning your Writing Life”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Shari! Sorry to hear your life is rough still. A friend of mine past away very unexpectedly on Monday, and it really shakes things up.

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