Writing Wins and Woes: What Easter Means to Me Now

Happy Good Friday everyone! And a very happy birthday to my husband who shares his birthday with the holiday this year. Welcome to my Part 2 edition of  my Easter series. In the first segment I shared what Easter meant to me as a child and young adult. In this session I share what Easter means to me now.

I’m transitioning. As of last June, I became what is known as an empty-nester. I haven’t eased into that role, believe me. I’m was pushed into it by an army tank. I did not want to become empty nested. I have always identified myself as a mother, for years I was a stay at home mom, so being mom was my stage name. I love being a mom, and although I feel like I wasn’t the best mom a lot of times, it was the best years of my life.

Fast forward to today. I am still a mom but all my kids no longer live at home. One is starting her own family with her own home, one is fully in bachelor mode enjoying the single life, and one is in Iowa. I feel a little left out to be honest. I’m shifting my perspective and looking for ways to feel close to my kids even though they are not sharing my every day life. Thank God for social media. It’s been a God send.

I digress. What does all this have to do with Easter? When your anchor has been tossed into the boat, and put a hole in it, you say to yourself, I guess I’ve been holding onto the wrong anchor. My kids have been my anchor. They kept me grounded, safe and secure. But that was not how it was supposed to be.

My anchor should be Jesus Christ. He is what Easter means to me. When I embraced His love for me, He became my strong hold. Only I let it slip into complacency. I let my family become my reason to be. I love my family. I never will stop loving my children. I’m so thankful for them. And for my husband and parents as well. But my reason for breathing is Jesus Christ. So, when I wake up Easter morning, it won’t be bunnies, candy, or even the family dinner I’ll be resting my hope in. It will be Jesus and His resurrection. Happy Resurrection Day!1535



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