Writing Wins and Woes: Special Edition

I am blogging twice this week due to the fact that Christmas and New Years are on Fridays and I won’t be blogging again until after that. Woo Hoo! A new year to make some new writing resolutions.

However, this blog is aimed at all you writers out there who want to win some big cash. I am sharing information on the Neoverse Writing Competition which you can enter now. You better enter now because this contest ends December 20. Enter a short story and you could win a $2000 prize! That’s right. I said $2000. There are 20 prizes in all ranging from the highest to the lowest of $100. There is no entry fee involved at all so if you have a great short story that you haven’t submitted somewhere, what could it hurt to try for this contest? Hurry and submit, people! You can’t win unless you enter.

All the info and rules are included in the link I shared. The contest is double blind judging, so don’t include your name in the submission, only in the registration.

Also sharing this fun, Christmas painting by my husband. Ha ha. Your welcome.1599


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