Writing Wins and Woes: Why I’m NOT a successful writer

1288Before I begin my blog today I want to include a huge shout out to Holly Jennings. Her story is featured today on Daily Science Fiction. Here is a link to her story.


Holly is an amazing writer friend and I’m expecting great things from her. She has an upcoming sci-fi book soon to be birthed. It sounds amazing. The title of it is Arena. I will be posting on my blog when it is available to buy.

So this blog is in part dedicated to Holly. As you know, having writer friends is both rewarding and tough. Specifically, #9 on my list is for Holly. This blog is meant to be humorous as well as truthful.

Okay, onward!

I’ve been writing religiously for about three years now. Why am I not a successful writer? It seems like three years is plenty of time to launch my writing career. Yet, I’m still stuck on piddling short stories for ezines, lesser known print mags and anthologies. Why don’t I have one book out yet? It didn’t take long for me to come out with ten quickee reasons for my failings.

Ten Reasons I’m NOT a Successful Writer

  1. I’m too tired. This is an excuse I use every day I don’t write. I deserve a break today. I’ve been working hard. I didn’t get enough sleep last night. How am I supposed to write when I’m exhausted?
  2. I like Facebook. Let’s face it, I’m a bit of a Facebook fanatic. I love going through my newsfeed, my friend’s places to eat out and those idiotic quizzes. I can spend endless amounts of time reading stories, sharing stories, recipe hunting and pursuing friends on Facebook. Who has time to write?
  3. I need to watch my shows. Hey, I’ve got Netflix, Prime and a hundred dvds to watch. If I write, I might miss one of my shows before they take it off Xfinity.
  4. I’m working. I can’t write when I’m working, right? That would be unethical and possibly illegal. I could lose my job. Seriously, work is consuming far too much of my time, but at least I get a steady paycheck.
  5. I’m having a family crisis. We’ve all had family crises. My daughter went to Iowa. I can’t write. I can’t even think straight. Nobody can during a family crisis. And we all know family crises happen pretty regularly.
  6. I’m sick. Who can write when they’re sick? I know I can’t. My nose is stuffed. My head hurts. I’m in pain. I need sympathy. Not work. The only writing I’m doing during that time is telling all my friends on Facebook to keep me in their prayers.
  7. I’m down right now. Here’s a bigee. When I’m down, I don’t really feel like doing anything. I don’t want to clean the house, make dinner and I especially don’t want to write. It’s probably my unsuccessful writing that’s making me down anyway.
  8. I’m discouraged about rejections. Being rejected isn’t fun. Have you ever had a Dear John letter? It sucks, right? Try getting one every day in your inbox or two or three. That’s what a writing rejection feels like. It’s awful. I don’t want any more of those.
  9. I’m jealous. Other writers are doing so much better than me. That’s not fair. My story is as good as theirs. I sent my story there and they rejected mine and they accepted hers? What the? That doesn’t make any sense. (LOL Holly) We’ve all had this happen. I have to admit much as I laud my fellow writers when they succeed, a little piece of me is screaming out, “I want some of that, too!”
  10. I’m not writing. Here’s where the rubber meets the road. This is the main reason I’m not a successful writer. I don’t write enough. I don’t write every day. I’m not consistent. I make excuses for not writing. Let’s cut to the chase. If I’m not successful, if you’re not successful as a writer, it’s because of one thing. YOU. Only I can make my writing succeed. Nobody else can do that for me.

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