Writing Wins and Woes: Words From the Wise

344I’ve agonized over how to become a successful writer. I’ve researched other writers, different genres and read books on how to write in a way that matches all the criteria for good writing. But the more I research, the more I try to better my writing the more I feel that there is no one secret for success. And quite honestly, some of success is just plain luck. However, here are some writing words of advice from the pros; those who wrote and won.

Ray Bradbury: Consume myriads of poems, essays, plays, stories, novels, films, comic strips, music until you’re so full you explode with ideas. Write them down as soon as you get them before they escape.

Stephen King: Find the latent stories buried inside. Dig them out and take a leap of faith.

Frank McCourt: Sit and be quiet. Memories and details will resurface. Write what demands to be told

Andy Rooney: Don’t wait for an idea to come. Demand an idea to come.

Tom Clancy:I use three questions: What if? What next? What now? Think about if  what if happened, then go with it.

John Grisham: I prepare an outline of forty to fifty pages before I even write.

James Michener: Be goal oriented instead of self oriented. Don’t think I wish I had a book out, just write the book.

Andre Dubus: Never quit. Nobody cares whether you write, and you can’t get fired, so you have to care.

Ernest Hemingway: Write what has not been written or be better than dead men that have written something.

Tom Robbins: Pay attention to the rhythm of language. Don’t say the sun came up. Say the sun came up like a big, bald head.

Madeleine L’Engle: Write dutifully day after day, doing the best you can. When the magic comes, it’s a gift.

Larry L. King: Write and rewrite. When you’re not doing those, read.

Danielle Steele: Find a cozy corner where you feel secure and write.

Michael Chabon: There are three things you need to be a successful writer: Talent, luck and discipline. Only one of these can be controlled.

Herman Wouk: Write a certain amount each day five days a week.

Nora Roberts: Write what you would read yourself.

Hope this is all helpful. Here are some words of advice from me: When you don’t know what to write, write anything. Write about your job, your house, your pets, your kids, Write about all the messes in your life. Something will eventually come of it. Happy writing.


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