Writing Wins and Woes: In Search of Eternal Life

150We all want to live forever. Since time began, people have been in search of eternal life; sometimes it’s eternal youth as well because let’s face it, who wants to live forever growing older and more deteriorated every day.  No, we want to be fresh and young, both in mind and body.  As a Christian, I have the hope of Heaven where I will receive a new body that will last throughout eternity. As a writer, I love to toy with the idea of immortality on Earth.

This is why I am super excited to share my blog with you today on Jessica Khoury. I first found out about Jessica’s books from my teenage daughter. She had read Origin and loved it. Since I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy, I read it also. The book is both creative and entertaining. It is about a genetically engineered immortal girl whose fate is to create a whole race of eternal beings. To protect this future, she lives in a test tube so to speak, in a protected environment in the Amazon rain forest surrounded by scientists. But she escapes like the boy in the plastic bubble and meets a native boy named Eio that she falls in love with. So there’s the conflict.

But I’m not here to review Jessica’s fantastic book. I’m here to talk about Jessica Khoury and her writing. She wrote her first book at four years of age. It was handwritten and stapled together. I can recall writing books like this myself when I was a kid. My first book was a heartwarming story of a girl and her dog. Jessica’s was a fan fiction piece sequel to Danny and the Dinosaur.

Jessica was born and raised in Georgia, but she now lives in Columbia, South Carolina.  Her inspiration is the mountains around her, her travels, stories and her faith. She was homeschooled then went to Toccoa Falls College to earn her bachelor’s degree in English. She almost gave up writing when she failed to sell her first fantasy novel in 2011 but on a walk one day magic was born when an idea came to her mind of a girl surrounded by glass walls and living in a jungle. So Origin was created.She wrote the first chapter that night and finished it in 30 days.

Jessica has since written two other books in the Corpus series: Vitro and Kalahari. She also has a book newly minted that is an Aladdin retelling called The Forbidden Wish. 

I reached out to Jessica via Facebook messaging, and she very nicely answered my writing questions.   Here are her writing words of wisdom. She sets goals to write everyday usually 2000 words and she rewards herself for reaching them. She usually writes in the afternoons and/or sometimes late at night, but she also has to do social media and marketing as well. Her writing advice: “The advice that often helps me is to let myself make mistakes. When I get writer’s block, 99% of it stems from fear of messing up. So it’s important for me to tell myself that it’s okay to write badly so that I can continue to move forward.”

Learn more about Jessica Khoury on her web page.  http://www.jessicakhoury.com/#!bio/cee5


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