Writing Wins and Woes: Why Blog at All?

265After a recent post by Melinda Moore, who also has a blog at Enchanted Spark, Link here: http://enchantedspark.com/wordpress1/   where she mentioned that she considered ending her blog, and then also reading a blog by someone else that said basically, Why blog at all if you’re a writer, there is no proof that blogging helps your sales, and instead you should write articles, that you can sell for real money. I admit, I was shaken. By the way, I have written articles for real money, and I love doing that. Articles are educational and if you write about what interests you, they are also fun to write.

But I began seriously questioning. Should I be wasting my writing time on a blog? Here’s what I gleaned from my blogging research:

Why do I blog:

  1. To encourage other writers. I put this down as number one because it is my primary reason for blogging. I’m not blogging for a cathartic experience or to brag or to wail, I’m blogging because once upon a time, a writer encouraged me with their blog, which incidentally was just a blog relating their rejection letters from publishers. I know it’s hard to believe but it encouraged me. It sounds wacky but just knowing that someone somewhere out there was experiencing what I was experiencing made me feel like I could keep on doing what I was doing.
  2. 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers. If this is true of business, I would think it can be applied to book sales as well.
  3. To get people on my team. Yes, a writer needs faithful backers who will follow what he does, both to buy books and help promote his books. Enough said.
  4. To share my expertise. Do I have expertise? Everybody has some. Since I’ve sold myself some sixty plus times, I do have expertise on how to do this, at least somewhat.
  5. To keep me thinking about possible writing topics, where to submit, publishers etc. To stay in the game I have to keep myself current with what’s happening. Blogging helps me do that.
  6. To keep writing. Blogging is a creative way to express myself. Even if I don’t have any other ideas to write about for a story or a novel, I can write a blog, because let’s face it, there’s a lot less pressure when I’m blogging than when I’m writing to sell something.
  7. It is free PR. Advertisements cost money. Blogging is free. Now I did read someone’s blog who said that blogging can be costly, too, if you hire people to help you with it, designers, consultants. I skip all that. My blog is my voice. It might not be as good as some, but it’s my authentic voice.
  8. To give me insights into what books people will buy. The comments that people make help me to determine what I’m good at and what they are interested in. Blogging helps me get a feel for what subject I might write about next.
  9. To be encouraged. I started with to encourage others and I end with encouraging myself, because yes, I want to be encouraged to keep on writing, and when someone says, please, don’t quit, it makes me sigh, gather my wits about me and push forward once again. So, I say to you fellow bloggers, blog on.

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