Writing Wins and Woes: Moving Forward

0514151115-01How does a writer move forward? Not on an elephant. Well, I guess it could be on an elephant if the writer is in India, but…that’s not my point. The point is when a writer is not moving forwards, she is moving backwards. I feel like I have been moving backwards lately. I’ve not been writing much at all. No words this week, except these. Yes, I have excuses, but excuses don’t get stories written. They don’t get a book published. I looked over my submissions for this year. They are pathetic. 14 submissions in half a year, as opposed to 86 submissions in 2014. I said I was going to concentrate this year on getting a book published. Have I? Not so much. I submitted my picture book to three places and to one agency.  My middle grade fiction book I submitted to 6 places. That is not much of an effort, I have to say.  So this week, I submitted my picture book to another publisher. I’m not ready quite yet to continue with the agent thing when I still haven’t run through all my options for selling it to a publisher on my own efforts. I believe in my book much, much more than any agent ever will. Also, I’m going to begin writing stories again. I need to. Some of you have been so nice to me, telling me not to force it and that I’m brave for continuing on, even if it’s slow but really, at some point, every writer needs to stop making excuses and start writing. I may not have tomorrow. I only have now. Now is the time to write.


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