Writing Wins and Woes: Faith Vs. Fantasy

1272I had so many good comments on my last post that my mind meandered to a cross topic. Am I letting the devil in when I claim to be a person of faith writing fantasy? This is an interesting topic. I can hear some people laughing at this, but I was raised in a very conservative church where Cabbage Patch Dolls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Smurfs were all suspect.  So what about witches? Is it wrong for a Christian to write about these things? I don’t think so. C S Lewis was a Christian and he wrote The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  It was actually a great allegory about Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.  I grew up on fairy tales and I love them.  I think fairy tales are illustrations many times of good vs. evil, which is really a Christian theme. I’m not going to get too preachy here, but if you take the reasoning that everything that is not Christian is bad, you are on the way to extremism where you can’t celebrate Christmas or Easter because they are based on pagan traditions. Why is the genre called fantasy? Duh, because it is simply that, make believe.  As a child I had a make believe friend. I invented a make believe world with my make believe friend. Looking back, I think it may have been because my real life was a little bit too difficult to handle, but this make believe fantasy I concocted contributed to the writer I am today. God gave me an imagination and the talent so I could use it. People also like to be quick to judge. I’ve heard it said that Harry Potter encourages a child’s interest in the occult. I really don’t see this. I like to read about disasters and murders, but I have yet to cause a disaster or murder anyone. Normal people don’t do these things. However, I do sometimes like to write about these things. My husband is an artist. His work has often been criticized for its “demonic” qualities. Yet, he is a person of faith as well. People derail what they don’t understand. I will write as my conscience dictates and for the love of what I do. Do I have moral standards in my writing? Sure I do. I don’t include profanity in my writing. I’m not a profane kind of girl. I don’t use it personally and I don’t want to write it either. I also don’t write graphic sex scenes. In fact, I don’t write any sex scenes. I love old movies. Sex was implied but not shown in detail. I have an imagination. I can figure that out myself, but that’s just me. Some people enjoy it. That’s up to them and their conscience if they want to write about it. Yes, I have faith and yes, I write fantasy and the two worlds can collide.


4 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: Faith Vs. Fantasy”

  1. You are in good company. Not just CS Lewis but JRR Tolkien and Madeleine L’Engle were of Christian faith, and L’Engle wrote science fiction!

    Naturally I agree with your post because I’m Christian and I write smutty books 🙂 My first one was about a kindergarten teacher who sang in the choir and had a romance with a parent.

    So, yeah, you can be Christian and write fantasy and there’s not a conflict of interest 🙂

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