Writing Wins and Woes: It’s May

Scott painting at August Art

It’s May and that means it’s really truly spring. I know spring is officially in March, but let’s face it, spring is not on until it’s sunshine and seventy degree days. At least that’s how I think. I’m trying to be positive because we finally are over winter, but I don’t have to tell most of my readers that I’ve been in a bad way in my writing life.

I can’t really say what’s brought this on. I am submitting less, I know that’s part of it, but I am also lacking focus. The last few weeks I’ve hardly written anything. What I have written is not very good. I can’t concentrate. I am depressed. Not in my life, though my life is not the best. I am definitely depressed in my writing. As I say, I’ve submitted less. The things I have submitted lately are rejected. Some I think I deserved, but some things I’ve submitted, I’ve liked. So, I guess I’m wondering if I’ve lost all perspective. Don’t I even know when I write something good anymore?

Maybe I’m just talking like this because I’ve had two rejections this week. Perhaps I care too much. I thought I had hardened myself to the rejection process. After all, I’ve had literally hundreds of rejections since I’ve started this journey. But this morning when I checked to see if a story of mine was included in an ezine I’ve had a lot of success with, and my story wasn’t there, my hands were literally shaking. What is wrong with me? This can’t be good for me.

I’ve made it a point to periodically relate that I have faith in God. Without this faith, I think I would give up my dreams of becoming a published book writer. I know, however, that dreams are made from hard work, persistence and faith.I guess some talent should be thrown in there. No dreams are accomplished without vision. My vision may be blurred just now. My soul may feel a little cold, but it’s spring. New life is coming.


3 thoughts on “Writing Wins and Woes: It’s May”

  1. I’ve been digging myself out of a huge creative hole lately, and I don’t look back and believe that time was wasted. Of course, you can only see that when you’re out…Back with more vigor than ever, I know that those months are filled with learning – not just about writing, but about myself and the industry. Nothing is a waste, and when you do feel comfortable writing again, you will be injecting these feelings; they will be used for the power of good šŸ™‚

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